wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on the plate

You know when you are wearing a proper rain jacket and it has those flaps that hang over the pockets to stop rain getting in?………………..Well thats what my belly now looks like.  Its like a waterproof flap over my lady garden to stop me ever having relations with my husband again.  Not from a logistical point of view but from the point of view that with my saggy boobs and belly flap I literally look like a living photo shop screw up.  Its like someone got me on photoshop, got 3 fingers and dragged the middle of my body down, then they forgot to press “undo” before saving the picture.

Trust me ladies it does go back eventually.  Im not sure if there is any hope for my jubblies, not even Obi Wan Kenobi could sort that mess out, but my belly is definitely salvageable.

Breast feeding obviously helps but that takes time so I will be doing sit ups in the interim.  All I know is I can’t just leave it there.  It is really not nice to sit on the loo, lift up your belly flap and then wipe yourself and put the flap down before leaving.  Its so weird.  Its almost like that flap of cloth that Tarzan used to wear lol!

Last pregnancy I waited until I stopped breastfeeding before I lost weight because feeding makes you WICKED HUNGRY!!!!  I literally have to eat all the time.  I successfully lost 26 pounds in 12 weeks by using Weight Watchers points plus last time.  I will be doing the same again this time round.

Either way….the flap must go!

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