Hey Squirt

Yesterday I went with Thing 2 to my husbands office to show off the baby. When I arrived I quickly got Thing 2 and went into the 3rd row seating of the car (we have a Chevy Uplander) and changed her diaper before giving her a feed.

There were 2 occurrences that made me crack up so hard I did do a little wee. Firstly, i was in the car park in the back of the car with tinted windows so no one can see in, there was a young guy walking around with a cigarette and talking on his cell and he was literally walking right past the car. He was literally inches away from me sat there with my boobs out. It almost makes you want to press them against the window just to spite him lol!

The second incident was that just as I thought this evil thought I felt my milk let down and right at that point, Thing 2 took my boob out of her mouth and suddenly a jet of milk squirted her in the eye and went up the back of the seat. WOW!!!! now women can have their own version of the pissing contest. I got a good 2 feet fallout zone!!!. Thing 2 wiped her eyes and was probably wondering what the heck was going on.

If only the guy on his cell phone new what was going on just inches away from him!!!!

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2 Responses to “Hey Squirt”

  1. Ben says:

    I hoped you cleaned the car!

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