Art Keep – App Review

Every day Thing 1 comes home from daycare we have some art work given to us.  She gets so excited and beams with pride and then she points at the refrigerator where we have to display it for the rest of the day.  Usually it looks like Pablo Picasso’s version of a snowman with all the key features in the wrong place, or humpty dumpty AFTER his fall.  It is so sweet.  As much as we wish we could treasure all of these, we would need a separate house to keep them all.

I found this fantastic app called ArtKeep.  It does exactly that.  You can take a photo of the “artwork” and then store it.  You can even post it directly to Facebook from the App to have everyone else marvel at how talented your spawn is.

It is easy to use and you can set up separate profiles for each child.  You can also designate what grade they were in when they did the artwork.

Click here to see the App in ITunes. Alternatively you can go to the developers website,, by clicking here.  It is just $1.99 which is a great price to be able to save all your childs artwork.

Without this app I might never have been able to savor this wonderful picture Thing 1 did of a ………”RocketShip”  Yeah right!!!! If thats a rocket ship then I am Kylie Minogue………. I will leave this picture for you to decide.

heheheheheheh Rocket Ship lol!!!!

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