Thing 1……. 2 yrs going on 20

Where did my little girl go?  It seems like overnight she has grown up so much.  Before I had Thing 2 she was still my little girl and I still saw a little bit of “baby” in her.  I came back from having Thing 2 and suddenly she seems much heavier, even her ankles have lost all the puppy fat and they are now regular ankles.  I was changing her diaper the other day and she actually wanted to put her own cream on herself.  When did she become so independent?

She is now forming 3 word sentences.  How did this happen so quickly?  I find it amazing just how much she is blossoming and growing up but it scares me at the same time.  When they are tiny babies you just cannot wait for the day they finally move, finally smile and finally talk…….then, it all happens and you just think SLOW DOWN!!!  Before I know it she will be going to college.  It is times like this that I consciously make the effort to notice and savor every single thing she does.

This morning, husband was taking Thing 1 to daycare and he wound down the windows of the car.  I was yelling “bye bye” to Thing 1 out of my dining room window and she was yelling “bye mummy” back at me.  She did this all down the street.  (sorry neighbors). It was the sweetest most darling sound.

With the days going by so fast and the rush of the daily morning routine, it is really important top just stand back and relish those moments because I am sure when those teen age years hit, it will be more a case of my kids yelling “god you are so unfair? and “i hate you” down the street at me.

Thing 2 also knows her mind and boy is she trying to assert it.  She is OBSESSED with fruit and would quite happily just survive on fruit if she could.  Mainly “jobedjees” strawberries to you and me.  I love those little words.  Also the fact that my father is visiting at the moment and she keeps calling him “Grandma” lol!  My father is affectionately known as “Grumps”  we have to keep reminding her that this infact is “Grumps” and not “Grandma.

The other surprising thing is that her English accent is slowly turning american.  I do not know why this is a shock to me because she goes to an American daycare, she lives in America,  why is it a shock that she is speaking with an American accent?  Certain words are still very definitely English though, like “Horsey”

Parents out there…….take 10 minutes tonight to just sit and watch your kids and really see them and what they do.  Maybe take a nice picture of them tonight and savor the moment x

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2 Responses to “Thing 1……. 2 yrs going on 20”

  1. Faith says:

    My boys will be 17 and 12 soon. Even with all the trials and tribulations of day to day life, having a teenager almost not a teenager any longer and another who is about to hit the teen years, I still sneak in at night and just sit and watch them sleep, watch them breathe, wonder what they dream of, and think to myself what miracles they truly are.

    • sarah says:

      aren’t we weird but we all do it don’t we. I dread to think how I will be when the girls go off to college. Thats if I let them out of the basement before they are 40 hahahaha!

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