Battle of the Boob

Thing 2 has been doing absolutely great with the breastfeeding.  She has been doing about 10 feeds every 24 hours.  She has a really funny little way about her when she does it.

When she is about to feed I change her bum and that way she is truly awake and ready to roll.  Then I lie her down on the boppy pillow and get ready to feed her.  She lays there quite happily until I get my boob out.  Her eyes then go really big and wide and she starts grunting and grabbing at my boob with her hands as if to say “just get the darn thing in here now lady!” She then gets the nipple in her mouth and just as she is about to latch on she starts pushing the boob away with her other hand.  She then starts making these funny little noises as she strives to overcome her OWN hand pushing the boob away.  She is so determined.

I therefore have to grab her hand before I get the boob out and then she latches on absolutely fine.  Its like that scene out of the movie “idle hands” where the hand has a complete mind of its own.  It is too funny.  The relief on her face when she gets the milk is so sweet.  You see her whole body literally just flop and relax.  I have a hard time keeping her awake on the boob to feed so I have to poke and nudge her a lot.

During the feed I can hear those reassuring little gulping sounds and then the familiar gurgling from her stomach as the little gas bubbles move around.  She then usually comes up for burps and I feel her lovely warm face on my shoulder.  Her little tiny breaths are in my ear.  I absolutely LOVE these quiet moments and then “BUUUUURRRRRRPPPPP!” ahhhhhhh thats better.

No that she has made more room in there she then starts moving her head towards my nose to suck on it.  They all do that don’t they.  Are you saying that my face looks like a tit? I blooming hope not.  We managed to get this caught on film. Enjoy!

Im gonna eat you!!!

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