Things that go bump in the night….

I recently lost my uncle.  No need for sadness, he had a really good innings as he was in his 90′s and completely lost his memory, but I have recently discovered that he is personified as a living memorial in my 2nd daughter Thing 2.  My uncle had a “slight” flatulence problem.  When I say “slight” it is like saying Liberace was “slightly” theatrical.  What made it funnier was he was stone deaf so he figured, if he can’t hear it then no one can

I have always found toilet humor highly amusing and none the more so than when your kids do it.  Why is it that my kids trumps sound like adults.  Even Thing 2 at just under 5 weeks old.  She literally wakes me up at night when she blows off.  I quickly have to check myself for fear that it might have been me accidentally following through.  The problem I then have is i stupidly lay there in bed giggling like a school girl.  The whole bed wobbles but luckily my husband doesn’t wake up.

Thing 2 also has a really good knack of waiting until I am in the middle of changing her diaper and I have my face really close, before she waits to blow off.  She has no grace bless her.  She strains until she is red in the face and the “BAM” she farts right in my face.  After leaving me with that gift she then goes to sleep.

It is very endearing and reminds me just how innocent they are.  Thing 1 now knows the hilarity of blowing off and she regularly does it when she laughs.  She is so like me in that respect.  I remember volunteering one afternoon at Thing 1′s daycare and finding it hard to keep a straight face when they all trump and giggle.  I am just glad that Thing 2′s are odorless for now because Thing 1′s are like Chloroform.  They sneak up and slap you multiple times around the face.  Thing 1 then just sits there beaming with pride.

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