Pooping problem solved

No I am not constipated and no I have not ripped my bum hole again…..I had an issue with a baby that was wide awake and me needing to poop.  If the baby was sleeping I could just put her down in her rocker and she will sleep.  When she is awake it is a little more challenging.  If I walk away she cries.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I can’t take her with me as I will not be able to wipe or wash my hands.  Then, it hit me! I had a brainwave.

Ta daaaaa!!! Am i a genius or what

I saw the Baby Bjorn carrier and thought! perfect! Hands free pooping.  I even had hands free to check my Facebook lol! I know I am gross aren’t I!  It actually worked very well.  Thing 2 actually fell fast asleep so when I came out of the loo (after washing my hands) i took her out and put her down to sleep.  She didn’t wake up while I did that so phew I finally have found a way to help her sleep.

Actually I am wondering whether the rather potent number 2 actually knocked her out or if she fell asleep voluntarily hahahhah.  We may never know.  This poor child.  I wonder what she will think when she is 18 and she realizes I took her to poop with me.  I should probably start saving for her therapy sessions right now.


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