Thing 2′s First night in her own room

Well all our visitors left so Thing 2′s room is now free.  We have a sofa bed in her nursery so people can stay with us still.  We try to get our girls into their rooms as quickly as we can.  It sounds selfish but we have noticed that both us and the baby sleep better when we are in separate rooms.  This is a choice for each parent to make on their own and their is no right and wrong.  Just do what you feel is right.

We found with Thing 1 that every time the baby moved in her bassinett  by my bed I would wake up and shoot out of bed.  Also because it was my first I would pick her up when she made the slightest peep.  I would also randomly get out of bed to see if she is still breathing. i know I’m completely neurotic!!!!  We put Thing 1 in her own bed at 4 weeks old and she did real well.  We realized then that every time we had to get up to feed and change her, it was a real struggle, mainly because finally we were falling in to deep sleeps.

Thing 2 is now sleeping in her own room, in her crib and doing great.  She feeds about every 3 to 4 hours.  She is very content and she goes right back to sleep after each feed.  The funniest thing is that when I asked my husband to change the baby’s diaper the other night she sabotaged his good intentions.  She waited until he took off her old diapers and then emptied the entire contents of her bladder across herself and her clothes and blanket.  NICE!!!!!!

The only delay we have at getting her back to sleep is that she sometimes gets hiccups.  A quick top up of milk usually does the trick.  I can keep a beady eye on both my girls with the use of my trusty monitor.  It is EXCELLENT!!!!! It is made by Summer and we have a camera in each girls room.  It will actually the up to 4 cameras.  We have just the 2 and it rotates every few seconds between rooms.  It does color and night vision pictures with sound.

We have had this one 2 years and it is still working well.  Its not the cheapest on the market but so so so reliable!  Click here to check out the site.

Here is Thing 2 asleep in her new pad x

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