SSH – selective spousal hearing

This is a phenomenon that most sleep deprived new mothers will notice in their spouses.  Why is it that I can had a gnats fart from 4 counties away but my darling hubby cannot hear the baby crying in the next room?  He knows I am writing this post by the way so please don’t think I am bashing him without his knowledge…..Like I say, Feedback is a gift lol! it should be accepted graciously.

He is very good as he makes sure that Thing 1 does not feel left out but at night time I climb back into bed after the 3rd time of being up in the night and see him sleeping there quite content.  As much as it is sweet to see, there is a really neurotic part of the brain that says, “REALLY???????? you didn’t hear the baby cry?”

We usually have a routine where my hubby changes the diaper and then I feed the baby.  Due to hubbys biological lack of lactation that is the only way we can do it lol! Once I go back to work and Thing 2 is used to the bottle he will do the midnight feed.  But hey, it gets even more outrageous.  When Thing 1 was a baby, guess which feed she grew out of first?  YES, the bloody midnight feed!  You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

So ladies with babies, fear not.  The sudden urge to make lots of noise at night because your spouse dares to sleep when you are up AGAIN feeding the baby should not be acted upon but is completely normal.


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