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Ok so I had my first real stress head with Thing 2.  She stopped pooping!!!! Of course i freaked out thinking what the hell???? she pooped 3 times a day for 4 weeks and then suddenly at 5 weeks she just stopped.  I became convinced she was going to get sick or something was wrong or her bowels had a blockage.  I found myself trawling the internet which is never a good thing.  I then sat down and took a deep breath and reviewed Thing 1′s early weeks.  She too had days that she would not poop.  Ok i feel a little better now.

The days went by and it got to the 6th day and I thought hang on a minute, this is not good.  I want to have the Drs check her over.  We took her in and I just burst into tears….lol! i laugh now….. crying because the baby isn’t crapping.  You would think I would be happy at dealing with less poop. but, no i was convinced she was broken and it was my fault.

To my delight they sid she ws in great shape and she was putting on weight really well.  (is this because she is full of crap or not?) she went from 7.7 at birth to 9.7 five weeks later.  She was peeing around 10 diapers a day and she was feeding well.  Because of those three factors they were more than happy with her.  Her tummy was also nice and soft.  If it was hard they would be more concerned.

They said the probable reason is that she is in a growth spurt and because she is exclusively breastfed, she digests pretty much all of the milk, leaving no waste.

I tell you what though her farts absolutely STINK!!!!! it is like nuclear fall out honestly.

So I went home and waited.  It got to day 10 and I was thinking OK, time to go back again and get her checked out as she still has not pooped.  Is she attached to it emotionally?  why is she not pooping? I was sleep deprived as I was worried so I had to get some sort of closure, anything, just someone reassure me she is ok.  We went in and she has put another 3 ounces on and now weighs 9.10!!!! Phew! Thats one good sign.  She is still peeing and eating well and her tummy is still soft.  They are happy she is good. They gave me a tip on how to promote pooping.  They said, give her a nice warm bath and take her temperature rectally.  The main thing was they looked at me seriously and said, ” do not wear white and do not dress her in white because when it happens it will be like the battle of the somme”.  They also did a rectal exam and sure enough there was poop up there as a tiny bit came out.

So off to bed we went and the next day I got her up and gave her a bath.  Did her rectal temperature, dressed her in an old outfit and waited.  IT was about 4 hours later that WOOHOO!!!!! She pooped.  I swear I have never been so happy to see a diaper full of yellow seedy crap.  I mean it was a full on high five moment! I was so happy and covered her in kisses (after cleaning her up of course).

I am so relieved and now going to go bleach my hands.

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