Pooping Polava # 2 Fingerpainting with a twist.

Okay so we just had the lack of poop with Thing 2, well, the very next day we had overly abundant poop from Thing 1. Hubby went to go and get Thing 1 up from her afternoon nap.  He went into her room and that is where the smell hit him.  He then went up to her bed where she was still asleep.  He noticed her hands first, they were covered in poop. He tried to clean her hands when she woke up and that is when the tears started.

Basically she had pooped in her sleep and put her hands down the back of her diaper and there was poo all over her sheets and stuffed animals.  It was like battle of the somme.  Hubby got Thing 1 and they had an impromptu bath which was a bit of a shock to Thing 1.  She was a little upset and was confused as to why she was covered in crap.  The poor sausage! there was poop everywhere.  It got on the towel, on the bath mat, on my hubby, on me.  Thats a smell that kind of lingers.

I then got everything from her room and washed it.  I washed her stuffed toys and sprayed them with anti bacterial spray and then took a can of febreeze upstairs and tried to mask the smell. It is rare that she poops that much but we had fast food the day before and that doesn’t usually agree with her.  She eats all fresh prepared food so when we are out and about and have to eat fast food she usually has a monster diaper afterwards.

I is funny because once in her daycare she had removed her diaper and painted on the walls where she slept.  How embarrassing but how bloody funny.  If Tracy Emin or Damien Hurst had done it, it would have been classed as a work of art.  Instead all i can think of is that video of a gorilla in a zoo throwing his poop at the glass where the spectators look.

By the way, a quick update on Thing 2, she has pooped again.  I think we are back on track.  It indeed must have been a growth spurt.

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  1. paw paw says:

    You are blessed I love reading your up-dates

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