Getting over the fear of nail trimming

This is one subject that you never really see instructions for in the books.  Thing 2 came out with quite a set of claws on her.  There is this conundrum of “what do I do with them?” File them? Clip them? Belt Sander?  The hands and fingernails are so tiny it is very scary to think of any suitable way of doing it.

For me the simplest way was to bite them initially.  That sounds terrible doesn’t it but I was so concerned and not confident with the clippers with Thing 1.  They are incredibly soft so it is very quick and easy to do that.  I tended to do it when I was breast feeding because she would be relaxed and would let me do it without protest. The down side is that this can lead to rough bits that may scratch her.

Another way is to use a very small cardboard nail file/ emery board.  You can buy special children’s ones. Again I used this with Thing 1 when breastfeeding.

There are also many many many child safe clippers.  The market is swamped with them.  I have tried a few and can recommend one particular type.  It is by company “Safety 1st”.  It is a clipper designed for babies that may be sleepy or even breastfeeding.  It has a light on the end so you can nurse at night with the lights dimmed and you can still get an accurate view.  It is also good for Thing 1 still because she likes the light.  She likes playing with it. Click here to see product site.

With Thing 1 I remember daring to try the clippers after she was about 3 weeks old.  The first 2 fingers were fine.  The on the 3rd, oops, there was a yelp from her and I saw that I had clipped the skin.  Well of course after feeling like the biggest bitch in the world I tried again.  I was breastfeeding at the time so as soon as I put my boob back in her mouth she was fine.  I felt terrible.  I had visions of her being older and wanting to play the saxophone like I did, only for her to be told she can’t play it because her finger is too short.  Why do us parents do that to ourselves???????? I had this exact conversation with my midwife yesterday.

We have a great knack of blaming ourselves for everything.  If they poop too much its our fault, if they poop too little its our fault.  If they fail an exam in high school its because I dyed my hair when I was pregnant.  Thats just how twisted a mummys mind can be.  I am a great sufferer of this and believe it or not, blogging has helped me over come this to a degree and I have been able to rationalize much better.

With Thing 2 I managed to use the clippers right away.  As soon as we got home from the hospital I got the clippers out and I trimmed back those hooves of hers.

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