So Thing 2 had her 8 week Drs appointment and it was the first dose of the dreaded shots.  I always dread this because you will absolutely 100% see your child scream in pain.  Its amazing how something so small can make you want to crumble to your knees and cry like a baby.  You know that you are doing the best for your child but every bone in your body wants to punch the living daylights out of the nurse and say get off my child with them needles!!!!! Its so bad because they are such wonderful people but you know deep down they are thinking “i know you hate me” Thats the sad thing is you can’t help but feel some sort of resentment but it is just the guilt talking.

Thing 2 got all her usual stats taken.  She is now 2 inches taller than when she was born. She weighs just under 3 pounds more than when she was born.  IT makes me feel AMAZING to see that.  Her head is also 5 cm rounder.  Jeez! Im glad that aint coming out now because that would literally split me in two!!!

Then came the shots. There were 2 in one thigh, 1 in the other and an oral dose.  I held her hands and kissed her forehead and then heard her yelp.  It made my heart turn to mush.  The nurse was very quick but Thing 2 was so strong.  She kept kicking and moving her legs so the poor nurse had a job to hit the spot.  As soon as it was done I picked Thing 2 and cuddled her making sure her head was close to my chest.  I then got her straight on the boob.

I had heard that breastfeeding was good for babies after they have had shots as it calms them down.  I did this with Thing 1 when she was born and it worked a treat.  It was the same for Thing 2.  She literally melted in my arms.  I felt her tension just disappear and she had a good long feed.

Now I got her settled back at the house and my paranoid guilt ridden brain convinced me that something would go wrong.  I automatically think that she would have got the 1 in a million dodgy batch.  That leads to me watching her as she sleeps and checking her temperature every 5 minutes.  Typically babies get a little warm and a mild fever after the shots but Tylenol usually settles it down.

Here came the dilemma! She did run a mild fever, so we went to get Tylenol as recommended by the pediatricians.  All the doses have recently changed.  We couldn’t find the right dosage ANYWHERE!!!! It was after hours on a weekend so we had to call the on call Dr.  Basically there are Tylenol Oral Suspension and then infant concentrated drops.  It seems that the drops are no longer available.  The on call Dr was great and advised us what dosage and concentration we can give.

We got home and gave Thing 2 a dose and then settled her down to sleep.  Of course then I was convinced that she would have the dodgy batch of Tylenol so AGAIN I was paranoid and watching her every breath.  I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.

When I did the night feed I saw that her temperature had come down so I am very pleased and can relax a little now.

IT is absolutely the right thing to do and I am glad she has access to such amazing healthcare and I just have to think of it that way.  There are so many children in developing countries and 3rd world countries who would love to have these shots.  Thing 2 will be covered eventually for Diptheria, Polio, Pertussis, Hib, Hepatitus B.  Thats all we can wish for isn’t it? That our children are healthy.  Us parents just have to grit our teeth for the split second that it hurts them.

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