Crying over Contraception

Last time I was with my midwife I got some leaflets about contraception because we are SO done.   Unless we win the lottery or accidentally discover a platinum mine in our back yard, I’m afraid the hubby has to either tie a knot in it or I need to shove a zip over mine.  Well here in the real world I have several options.

As we are still young and lets face it, just like you we are absolutely convinced that we will win the mega millions jackpot some day, we do not want to do anything permanent just yet.  That means it will have to be me.  I have to take multi vitamins every day plus 2 iron pills plus vitamin D3 every day because I am more vitamin deficient than Casper!  Because of this reason I really do not feel like I want to take the pill…..Another pill.  Plus its not always reliable.  I know several people who conceived on the pill.  I swear there should be more children in the world named “Amoxicillin”..  God bless antibiotics and their happy little accidents.

I heard about 2 other methods, one called Implanon, this is a small rod that is inserted under the skin of the arm.  Or there are the IUD’s.  This is a small plastic device that is inserted in the uterus.  They all work the same way.  They release a hormone that first makes the uterus lining about as hospitable as a youth hostel after spring break weekend.  They also surpress ovulation and stop eggs being released.  Finally they produce excess amounts of mucus to trap sperm and stop it from going anywhere.  God “mucus” is such a gross word………its like “moist”  thats also a gross sounding word.  Its funny because all I can picture is sperm coming into my uterus and going through wet cement and getting stuck.  Is it only me that thinks that lol!

The other night I was in the bath reading the leaflets.  Quite a mature responsible thing to do.  I read the opening chapters and then burst into tears.  How RIDICULOUS!!!! i kept seeing the words “prevents ovulation” and “inhospitable womb” and it made me so upset.  I know I am not going to have any more kids but boy I suddenly realized it and I was so sad.  Its the end of an era.

Is my lady garden gonna get all dry and crusty and grow cobwebs now?  It may swell seen as there isn’t going to be any more tennants.  Why did I find it so upsetting.  There is no way that I am going down this road again so I just need to deal with it.

I am going to have to speak to the midwife because I really didn’t like the sound of either of them due to some of the side effects.  Oh why is this so hard.  Cant I just Krazy Glue my bits up and be done with it?


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4 Responses to “Crying over Contraception”

  1. Sarah says:

    Aw, bless you sweetie! I love my IUD – it’s stopped my periods as well as pregnancy, so double no-faff!

    • sarah says:

      Oh Thank you Sarah, That gives me peace of mind. did it make you an emotional hormonal basket case or was it ok? By the way it is wonderful to hear from you x

  2. Sarah M says:

    I have a Mirena ‘progesteron’ coil and its brill, i have had 4 now over the years and i love it xxx don’t like the idea of the rods at all.

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