Pumping at work……….mmmmmoooooooooooooooooooooo

I am now in my 4th day back at work so finally I feel like I am starting to get a routine back.  I have successfully managed to leave the house each day fully clothed, with shoes that match each other and a fully made up face.  AMAZING don’t you think?

I have had to return home once due to leaving my pump at home but other than that I have been fairly organized.

I feed Thing 2 before I drop her off at daycare and that is between 6.30 and 7am.  I then drop her off and that is when the timer starts.  Not literally, but basically about every 3 hours at work I need to pump to make sure that my milk supply keeps going.  I am absolutely spoilt as I have a dedicated room to pump in.  I work for a company that has been ranked one of the top 100 companies to work for as a working mother.  In the employee handbook we are supposed to have a dedicated lactation room.  How cool is that.  It can still feel a bit weird though.  You are in close quarters to people you have worked with day in, day out so it can feel a bit strange.

To make it easy for myself I got creative with my wardrobe.  I chose dresses that are stretchy and are easy to pull the neckline down or the bottom up.  I chose Tank top and sweater combos aswell.  The last thing you want to do at work is strip off layers to pump.  You would feel so exposed.  Even with a lock on the door I feel like I have to turn my back to the door in case someone comes in.

For me my schedule is to pump at 9.30, 12.30 and 3.30.  That way when I pick up Thing 2 and bring her home she should be due a feed.  It takes around 15 minutes for me to pump.  I would advise you to bring in an isolated lunch bag to keep your expressed milk cold.  I pump away and usually get just over 4 ounces per pump.  I pack everything away in the lunch bag to put it in the fridge and then I need to clean up.

I have no shame so I don’t thing anything of washing up my pump nozzle and bottle in the break room sink in front of boys but I know some of you may feel a bit awkward.  You can always visit the loo and use the sinks in the loo.  Not sure which place is dirtier so use your own discretion hahaha.

I swear though my boss has a tracker on me or something because the poor thing manages to call my desk phone the minute I go to pump.  I then come back and see her voicemail.  Seriously it happened 3 times today.  She probably thinks I am avoiding her.

Oh one last thing to remember.  Remember to pull your top back down after pumping.  I very nearly had a rather large wardrobe malfunction this afternoon and walked out of the pumping room with my top pulled up and my peekaboo bra undone!

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