My hubby……aka Martha Stewart

So my hubby is living as you know in a house full of females.  This includes our dog Miley.  Funny story.  We named our dog after Miley Cyrus because she is a pretty bitch LOL!  Sorry Hannah Montana fans.

My hubby has adapted to the overload of estrogen very well.  What really makes me smile is seeing how creative and dare I say in tuned to girly things he has become.  He mainly deals with Thing 1 on a morning.  That includes dressing her.  It is so sweet that he creates these little outfit combinations for her.  She looked downright adorable the other day.  We have had the odd fashion faux pas but then he is a boy so Its to be expected i suppose.

Also what gets me really grinning is seeing him sit and cuddle with her while watching Curious George 2.  She leans back on his tummy and she just totally relaxes.  We love that movie.  It has such a nice feel about it.  Deep down I know my hubby would love to watch UFC but he gives that up for his little girl.

Hearing my hubby sing Old MacDonald or Dora the Explorer for the umpteenth time is also so sweet.  He doesn’t look frustrated or bored or suicidal at all.  He has so much patience

Don’t get me wrong….he still has to go down in the basement and play war games on the xbox, he does still have a pair………………for now lol!

It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside seeing him interact with the girls.  I HEART HIM xxxxx

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