Sleep update…….aka “fight club”

The first rule of fight club, is , you don’t talk about fight club.. This is the same for discussing babies and how they are sleeping. NEVER EVER talk about “how well a baby is sleeping” or how “you have had a quiet night” because as you do the doors to hell open and the 7 headless horsemen of the apocalypse are released.  For you dear readers I am going to break the rules and give you all an update on how Thing 2 is doing with the sleep training.  We are now about 3 weeks into it now.

It was a little tough the first couple of nights as I felt bad and had to get up a couple of times as she didn’t settle within 5 minutes.  It then got much better.  She has found a way to comfort herself back to sleep and we are at the stage now where she sleeps between 9pm and 3.30am on most nights.  We have had a couple of nights where she has been going through a growth spurt and she has woken more often.  Sounds great right?  Yes it is great for Thing 2 and for my husband.  For me there is no change because I still get up at midnight to pump.  No rest for the wicked hey?

It is funny now because I settle in to bed and watch Thing 2 in my baby monitor and I wait for her to put her arms stretched out above her head.  When she does this I know that she is asleep.  If she stirs in the night she has actually found her thumb and she sucks on that.  She is so sweet.  After a feed I sit her in my arms and she just looks so precious.  So at peace. It is like time stops just for a little second and everything is perfect.  I still feel that when I look at Thing 1 asleep.

Am I going to be one of those weird mummy’s sneaking into their teenage daughters room and just watching them sleep.  Jeez my poor girls are gonna need years of therapy aren’t they.

Anyway I digress! All in all, sleep training is going well and I have no regrets.  Like I said, not all people like sleep training, especially this young but It has made the transition of me going back to work much easier.

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