Swing badabadabadabada!!!!! Product review

We have a gadget gizmo type thingumajig that I have to tell you about.  We used it to death with Thing 1 and we are doing the same with Thing 2.  It is a swing.  It is no ordinary swing.  It is a swing/ glider automated marvel of technology.

1st it saves tired arms.  She is 10 pounds and 10 pounds on your arm all night is tough.  Plus it allows us to eat/ poop and more importantly have a cuppa! We ant with a Fisher Price one.  There are many on the market so shop around but I found it a great investment for us as they have both been heavily used.

Some are even more blinged out than the one we have, they may have a net curtain, twinkly lights, but ours is just plain.  It does the job and thats all that matters.  Here is a pic:

Our swing


This swing can swing traditionally, facing front, or sideways.  Or, you can set it to just glide back and forth.  It has several different speeds and it also plays music or nature sounds.  Cool ha?????

It weighs a TON so I will warn you.  When we had Thing 1, she refused to sleep on a flat surface so we used this for what felt like weeks. My poor hubby carried this upstairs and downstairs every day and every night.  He must have nearly broken his back.  I can’t believe we did that now.  I think you just want to do anything you can to get them to sleep.  We could not have gotten through those early weeks without this machine.  Luckily she just grew out of it and eventually slept in her crib.  I think it was 6 weeks.

Click here to view the swing on Amazon.  Now I will warn you the reviews are not great but we have NEVER had a problem with it. We LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

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