Everyone needs a sucker – product review

I absolutely LOVE bulb syringes.  Not just any bulb syringe, but the one you get from the hospital.  Thing 2 had a bit of a sniffle.  When I say “a bit”  its like saying the Sahara desert has “a bit” of sand or Mel Gibson has “a bit” of an anger management issue.  Poor thing was just covered in bogey.

If she sneezed you just braced yourself because her whole bib would be covered in goo.  I would laugh and wipe it up and tell her “Don’t worry, I am checking for brains”

One thing that I always have near me or tucked in the boppy pillow is the bulb syringe we got at the hospital. Here is a pic:


Parents PLEASE make sure you take this home with you as I swear there is nothing else like it on the market.  Many similar ones but none as good and effective as the hospital ones.  I just simply can’t believe how much snot one tiny little baby can make.  You start sucking and more and more keeps coming.  As I slowly vomit into my own mouth I mop it up with a wipe and it still keeps coming.  Poor Thing 2 will kind of cough and sneeze at the same time and the last piece will come out.  EWWWWWWWW!

I tell you what though, that stuff would make cracking wallpaper paste.  It sticks to EVERYTHING!!!!!

I have used saline drops up her nose to help clear it.  usually half way through a feed so that she doesn’t get too distressed.  Then at the end of the feed I use the sucker.  I have also put a humidifier in her room and that has really helped.

Poor sausage xxxx


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