no,no,no,no,no,no………ok then

So Thing 1 is trying to assert her authority within our clan. its not working.  no matter how many pouty lips we get or the old boneless body tricks we see, we still stand by what task we have set.

Here’s an example…on a night we get Thing 1′s bath run.  we put the special Dora the Explorer bubble bath in there.  We get her toys in the bath.  We put her favorite towel on her little chair so that she can sit down to be dried, heck it looks so inviting I want to dive in there myself.  So now that we have her bath all ready why does she make like a grizzly bear is charging and flop to the floor and play dead in protest.  It happens at the most random times.

Its like the whole world has just ended.  For an example of similar behavior click here.

This isn’t even the funny part.  The funniest part is she says, “no, no, no, no” but still does it. She says no going all the way up that stairs.  Then she says no as I take her clothes off.  She names all her body parts as I point to them while still saying no.  Then I put her in the bath and she is as happy as a clown.  It is so weird but so funny.  Its so hard not to laugh.

Then we have a whale of a time blowing bubbles and singing the alphabet.  We also sing the songs that she sings while in her swimming lessons on Saturdays.

It is not only the bath that makes her behave like someone spiked her drink with Kryptonite.  If we are outside and she is told to go inside. When Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ends…….When we have to change her diaper…….all of these little challenges.  It is just her testing.  She is 2 after all.

How is it swell that they are able to cry floods of tears in 2 seconds flat and have snot coming out of everywhere?  Its like some maid tear duct only toddlers have that is there purely to make the parents feel like absolute crap.

She eventually does everything we ask and is generally as good as gold.

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