Thing 2 – poopgate

Thing 2 is now nearly 3 months old.  She has really grown and blossomed.  I look down at her on the boppy pillow as i feed her just wondering where the time has gone and how many feeds I will have left with her.

As you all know, she had a little poop issue when she was about 6 weeks old. A poop issue in that she wasn’t going.  I am pleased to report that we have such a good girl that she only poops at daycare.  LOL!!!!! How did I manage that??? I swear I am not making this up.  Just this last weekend for example, I didn’t change a single dirty diaper.  Lots of wet ones but none of them were dirty.  

I did however have just one poopy diaper this morning right before I was due to set off for daycare.  I don’t mind though.  I still smile and just thank the lord she is at least pooping.  It was a good old chicken madras poop.

I think we are safely past the issue we had.  She really is getting big now.  I cannot believe she is 11 weeks old today.  She is becoming much more talkative.  Not quoting sonnets or anything.  Just little coo’s.  It is probably just escaping gas knowing my luck, but us mummy’s get convinced that the slightest noise was a formulation of mummy or daddy.  Right now its just oos and aas.

I wonder what they must be thinking.  ”why is mummy clapping in excitement that I pooped”  ”Why does she have her face about an inch from mine?  does she not know the meaning of personal space.  What the heck did she eat for lunch, stinky breath.  I think I will just spit up bait, that will get her out of my face!!”

Why is it that when they spit up we always go “ooh ooh they spit up, they spit up” and we just stare and watch them do it.  Why don’t we walk around with a wipes dispenser surgically attached to our arm.  2 things i can guarantee you.  Baby will ALWAYS spit up just as you are about to walk out of the door.  Baby will ALWAYS spit up when you have just put the most darling outfit on.

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