Toilet Humor – why is it so funny when our kids fart?

So we are never ones to make our kids self conscious but I simply cannot help but pee myself laughing when my kids fart.  Its a perfectly normal thing but i just can’t help it.  Firsty I cannot believe the sheer adult sound that resonates from Thing 2.   How can a 11 week old have the resonating chamber of a 65 year old man????

Thing 1 farts all the time and then asks “whats that?”  then she will point at one of us and say “mummy or daddy?”  Knowing full well it was her all along.

This evening we were sat there watching Disney’s Bolt, when she giggled and farted.  she stopped and put her hand in her pocket.  Not quite sure about the logic of this.  Did she release a long lost marble??  Did she save it for later?? Did she think the “off” button was in there?  I don’t know….but whatever she was thinking, she blamed the noise on me and hubby.

I once asked an elementary teacher how they control themselves in a room full of 5 year olds trumping away and giggling.  She said she had to just turn around and breathe.  One day a kid actually put his hand up and said “miss, I’ve crapped my pants”  I would have needed myself right there in the classroom, i mean proper, laid down in the fetal position pointing.  That is why I m not a teacher, because I would be disciplined for mentally scarring children.

It was like the worst thing that could happen to you at school and indeed it still is in the workplace,  that and having someone walk in on you while you are squeezing one out.  Its because even as adults we cannot help but laugh hysterically when we hear it has happened to someone.  It happened at my husbands work once and i tell you, blokes are worse than women at gossiping!  my hubby went around every desk and told them that his boss had just had someone walk in on them.

The person who did the walking also standing there bright red in laughter looking like he was having a seizure also gave away the fact that some carnal line had been crossed.

Oh the joys of an immature adulthood.

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