Celebrities doing it gracefully

I have often seen one particular celebrity who does things with so much grace and sense of normality.  She has had 2 girls and has a 3rd on the way, she regularly goes out without makeup and her hair in a top knot.  She wears loose fitting casual clothes and do you know what, in my eyes she is still stunning and her husband still clearly fancies the pants off her.  I am talking about Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer always goes out looking fairly casual and natural and as a full time working  mummy, it doesn’t make me feel so crappy about the fact that when I am not working I rarely wear make up and my hair gets scraped up into a top knot to keep it out of my eyes and hie the fact that a small barn owl has moved into my hair.  When she attends official engagements she really looks AMAZING but if you ask me, seeing her with her little brood just makes me smile as she is always smiling and clearly loves being a mummy.  She doesn’t care if the paparazzi catches her with greasy hair or a baggy T Shirt on.

It is very easy for us mummy’s to feel like gash about our appearance.  I had to make an adjustment.  I used to be a flight attendant where you had to have immaculate hair, immaculate make up and immaculate clothing.  I had to adjust to a world of greasy hair, sick down my shirt and make up applied hastily in the car in the car park at work.  Before having children I couldn’t even nip down to the local shop to get an emergency bottle of pinto grigio without putting make up on.  I would make sure I out my make up on because back then NOTHING would stand between me and my pinot!

Now I choose to take a leaf out of Jennifer’s book and say to hell with everyone else.  Look at my beautiful girls!  Look at this gorgeous family.  If my greasy hair and sick stained shoulder  offends you then you can just bog off!!!!

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