No time to get sick

Last week I got sick.  I had a horrid cold and it crept up on me so quickly.  I was sent home from work it was that bad.  My whole body ached and I was running a fever.  I felt I had just done a marathon!  My 2 girls were in daycare and I got sent home at lunch.  Before going home I had to pump my milk.  I then got home.  I got home and had a nice long bath and something to eat.  I was all shaky and shivery so I thought I should go to bed and rest.  By the time I go to bed it was time to pump AGAIN!! I pumped and then settled down.  I got 2 hours in bed before my boobs hurt again so I had to pump.  Then it was time for the girls to come home.

I called my hubby and he said he would pick the girls up.  He went to daycare and called me on his way home.  He said “hey there! I have 1 of our 2 girls.”  I was confused then suddenly remembered oh crap I have the car seat in my car!!!! I have a base in my husbands car but we just have one seat.  EPIC fail!

So hubby brought Thing 1 home and then had to return for Thing 2.  I got Thing 1 her dinner.  Then put her in the bath.  Thing 2 then had to be bathed.  Both girls then had to be put to bed.  I then had to pump again.  Then I could actually sit down and think about myself.  The first thing people say to me when I was sick was “you need to rest”…………..WHEN???? when do I possibly have time to rest!!!!!!!

That night I took a NyQuil and oh boy!!!!! I slept the whole night thru.  The first time in a very very long time  before having Thing 2. It was a pure oversight.  I should have pumped at midnight and 4am but I didn’t hear my alarm.  I woke up in so much pain as my boobs were literally about to explode!  I felt so hungover swell from the NyQuil.  Needless to say I felt much better.

I just don’t have time for illness in my life.  The worst part is I can’t kiss my babies as I usually do ALOT!!!! how can you not kiss them, they are so friggin cute!!!!!

I am much better now :)

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