Its the weekend!!!!! Right, Im a mummy of 2….I don’t get a weekend.

Its so funny how often I have heard myself or others say “yay! its the weekend” Only to remember that I have 2 kids under the age of 2. I do get a weekend in that I am home for 2 days of the week but I don’t get to relax.  Neither of us get to relax. It is another full time job looking after the girls.

We literally cram in 3 or 4 major activities every weekend.  On top of that we have to do the usual chores, laundry etc.  Then at the end of the day I remember to introduce myself to hubby again.  It is sometimes hard to adjust to, me and my hubby are both very spontaneous.  We used to think nothing of just getting in the car on a Friday night and driving to Paris France, or getting the hammocks and our backpacks and going out into the wilderness.  Now, we have our doggy and our girls.  Do you know what though…………..I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Yes I do miss some of the crazy things me and my hubby used to do, but I just adore being a mummy.

That said, I cannot WAIT until I can sleep through the night again.  Sleep deprivation has led to me doing the following since having children:

  • Losing the car keys………on the last day before the weekend….grrrrrr
  • putting my husbands shirt in the DISHwasher
  • putting dog food in the detergent drawer of the washing machine
  • falling asleep in the bath with a 5 minute facial on and having to practically sand paper it off
  • gone for a wee in the night without lifting the toilet lid up
  • gone for a wee in the night and walking into the doorframe
  • gone for a wee in the night and forgetting to pull my pants down

As you can tell, most of these happen at night whilst in the process of weeing.

I cannot believe the sacrifices that my mummy and daddy went thru with me and my brother.  Its not till you have kids that you realize, its not that fact that they don’t like to sunbathe in the garden with you when you were 13, its just that they have to cut the lawn and clean the loo’s and do the laundry.  Its not that they don’t want to sit and watch that movie, they really do, but someone has to go out and buy the groceries….including the popcorn you eat for your movie.  Its not that they don’t like long hot soaks in the bath, they do, but they have to make the beds after they washed all the bed linen, so a quick spray on the undercarriage will have to do.

Most of you mummy and daddy’s out there will totally get this.  I am fortunate in that I still get my long hot soaks, but I have had to sacrifice hot cups of tea.  Those that know me are probably wondering how I function without hot tea in my system.

My tea usually gets heated up in the microwave 6 times before I actually get to drink it.  Still luke warm.  I have to neck that last bit that contains all the tannin and stamp the floor until the taste goes away.  GOD i HATE cold tea!!!!

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