boo boo’s a plenty

I dont know why it is but Thing 1 is SO clumsy.  she is just like me.  she never looks where she is going.  This has led to several black eyes, scraped knees and legs that look like they have had a confrontation with a baseball bat.

Am i the only one who feels like people look at me and think that child Protection Services should get a call.  Its hysterical how paranoid us parents get.  I seriously would never harm anything, animal child adult, but you convince yourself that daycare are talking about you behind your back and that strangers must look at you and think, “geez what happened to the kid?”

I can absolutely guarantee that if we have any wedding or family event to go to, Thing 1 will attend it with a black eye.  I was the same as a child.  I don’t think there is a single birthday picture where I do not have bumped legs, scuffed knees with a dirty band aid or a black eye.  Nowadays thanks to photoshop we can edit all those boo boo’s out.

Thing 1 has a clear issue with looking where she is going.  The other day she was following a ball that she had rolled along the floor and neglected to see the chair coming right towards her head.  Result – a black eye on the right eye.  Then afew days later she rolled over in bed and head butted the guard rail on her bed. Result – red line under the left eye.  She looks like she has been competing in UFC!!!!

My hubby will attest to the fact that I am clumsy.  I cannot run!  Well, I can physically, but I shouldnt be allowed to.  One example of this was about 8 or 9 years ago I took him to my childhood home.  It was deep in the Yorkshire countryside.  I had to go and visit the site of our old tree den.  It was at the bottom of a cemetry, in a tree adjacent to a stream.  Sounds idyllic doesn’t it.

I climbed over the fence at the end of the cemetry.  I then walked through the long grass and found the den.  After having a good look around and revisiting several flash backs I made my way back to where my hubby was waiting.  All I had to do was get through the long grass.  Mistake number 1 was running.  Mistake number 2 was the inappropriate footwear.  Mistake number 3 was thinking I was Laura Ingles in little house on the prairie (you know that bit at the end when the credits roll).  Sure as shit, I fell over in the long grass.

Hubby being the wise one he is was watching from afar, seeing me prancing around in my elephant like fashion.  He was just about to say, “dont run!” when I fell flat on my face.  Thankfully there was no mud or rocks or cow pats.  Just lovely grass to cushion the blow.

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