WTF????? there’s a lump!

I am one of those people who cant help but panic when I get sick.  I think about the girls and that they need me and I just plain don’t have time to be sick.  Thankfully I am very healthy and rarely get sick. 

Thursday last week was not a good day.  I was expressing milk at work and looked down and noticed a discoloration on my right boob.  Of course, being curious I investigated and turned white as a sheet when I felt a lump.  I literally got a cold sweat and was shaking.  I investigated again and sure enough there was a lump about the size of a cherry, it was hard and round and didnt move around.  My mind obviously then started thinking the worst!

My first reaction was to call my husband as I was freaking out and whenever I freak out he keeps me level headed.  He told me to ring my midwife which I did.  The decision was made to go in and get it checked out.

What I forgot to focus on is the fact that it is extremely common to get these lumps when breastfeeding as some of the milk ducts can get clogged.  I knew this fact but was too busy imagining the worst!!!!  Its actually been proven that breastfeeding is beneficial to deter breast cancer so I have no idea why I was panicking so badly.

I went in to the midwife and she confirmed there was indeed a lump and I was referred to go an have a sono.  Luckily I have access to amazing healthcare and I was able to get in within an hour.  I sat there patiently waiting for the sono at the hospital.  They put the hospital tag around my wrist and I couldnt help but fondly remenice of the the last time I was there and gave birth to Thing 2.  That thought suddenyl made me panic again as I thought of the worst.

Finally my time to go in.  The sono lady leant down to find the lump.  She didnt need to look too hard as it was very obvious.  I watched the screen and didnt have the same warm and fuzzy feelings as I did when we were looking for a baby LOL!  I could see the mass on the screen and just wanted to scream “get the hell out of my boob”!!!!

Then the next thing really made me crap my pants.  The sono lady said, “Im just going to get the Dr”.  WTF????? Why do they do that?  Everybody knows they make the Drs deliver the bad news.  OK now I am crapping myself and getting ready to write my bucket list.  The Dr comes in and he does the same.  Just pokes around and looks on the screen.  They did a bloodflow check and he confirmed there was no bloodflow to the mass. That was great news.

It is indeed a blocked milk duct.  It is harmless but could get infected.  It will eventually go away on its own.  I just have to live with it right now.  My mind then started going in a much more positive direction.  I was now thinking of names for my lump.  Then I thought of lumpy milk, yuk! That thought then turned to cottage cheese in my boobs…..then i thought of a cheese and pineapple hedgehog.  My mind really is a strange thing.  I go off on these weird tangents.  They help make scary situations much more bearable.

Going forward with this I have been advised to put warm compresses on my boob and gently massage it.  Im sure hubby can help there lol!  Also need to nurse Thing 2 in different positions to try and help even use of the boob.

Now every time i hear Black eyed Peas “lady lumps” I will breathe a contented sigh of relief.  There we go!!!!! I have a name now.  I am going to call my lump Fergie!!!!!!

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3 Responses to “WTF????? there’s a lump!”

  1. The Stork says:

    Let us know when it resolves!

  2. 2ni6mon says:

    Blaine has been cluster feeding for hours.Trying to get sleep in between but it only makes me more tired.Hope he is done soon & we can sleep

    • sarah says:

      It is so hard isn’t it. My aplologies for taking time to respond but for some reason you went to my spam folder. Thanks so much for reading :) Thing 2 has not cluster fed for a while. My lump “Fergie” is still there and I have tried everything they suggested and I am still feeding her from it but no change. How old is Blaine? Congratulations aswell.

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