Milestone!!!! 1st roll over

Thing 2 did her first roll over!  She was 12 and a half weeks.  I have been doing tummy time regularly with her which she absolutely hates.  She would be fine for a minute and she would lift her head high.  Then she would assume the skydiving position and she would be literally on her belly and everything else is in the air.  Usually she would fart as it would pump every last bit of gas out of her which would of course make me pee my pants giggling.

Then she would put her hands down and her head down and get annoyed.  I was starting to think she would never roll over.  I figured that I would just keep persevering.

So the other day I noticed that her whole confidence on her belly just changed over night.  Her head is at 9o degrees from the floor and she had her arms in a pressup position and over she went! straight away.  I wondered if it was a fluke so I did it again and sure enough she rolled over again.  This of course became the highlight of my day and I kept flipping her right back over.  She even went and rolled the other way aswell. I am SO proud!!!!!

Fast forward another week and a half.  She is now 14 weeks and she is literally rolling across the floor.  I am so unbelievably proud!!! My hubby yelled up the stairs “quick come see Chloe.  She is doing something strange.” I panicked thinking she was ill or something.  When I went to see, she was rolling over and over.

Slow down little girl!

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