When did my baby stop being a baby?

This evening I was looking at Thing 1.  She is now 2 years and  3 months.  She was reading her book in bed and drinking a cup of warm milk.  She was pointing out the engines in her Thomas book.  She was saying colors and numbers.  She then laid back and was tucking herself under the duvet and grabbing her teddy bear.  She looked so grown up.

I couldn’t help but reminisce about when i first gave her rice cereal.  We are nearly at that stage with Thing 2.  It seems like yesterday that Thing 1 first got her taste of food off a spoon.  I get these moments of panic where i realize how quick time is going.  our cousins daughter just graduated from high school,  she is a full blown woman but I still see her as this little freckly faced girl.  Will I ever see my babies as anything but babies.  Christ does my mummy see me that way?????? That would crack me up.

Generations of ladies in my family must be feeling this way and that blows my mind.  I don’t want to ever be one of those mothers that smothers their child and i remember verbatim saying to my mummy “when i am older i will never do that with my kids”  Yet i sit here realizing that I am already doing just those things.

Kids growing older doesn’t seem to be a gradual thing to me.  its almost like watching the Tom Hanks film BIG.  He goes to bed a kid and wakes up a hairy beanpole of a man.  Now I’m not saying that Thing 1 wakes up looking like Tom Hanks but her vocabulary is expanding so quickly and her memory is INSANE!

We go for a walk around the block every night and i point at the Stop light at the end of the street and say “STOP”.  I pointed at it today and said, what does it say?  She said STOP.  I am so unbelievably astonished by this.  I am excited at the same time.  i am looking forward to helping her expand her repertoire.

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