Bonding time with Thing 1

Well Thing 1′s world has been turned upside down for 4 months now.  Can you believe its been 4 months already???  I now have a good routine down and part of that routine is some special time with Thing 1.  I love our night time.  I dress her in her Pajamas and then she grabs her Tramp teddy.  She loves lady and the tramp.  I have to wrap Tramp up in a blanket and lie him down in bed.  Next is time to get her settled.  She grabs a cup of warm milk and she sits down in bed.  I put the blanket over her legs.  We then grab a book from her bedside drawer.

Some favorites are “Llama Llama, Nighty Night” “You are my little cupcake” “Night Night Baby”.  She grabs my finger to point to the words and she joins in as i read.  I ask her to point out certain objects and certain colors.  The other night it was so sweet.  She grabbed her comb and she decided to comb my hair.  When i say comb, i mean added more knots to my hair.  She also poked me in the eye with the comb by accident, but we just play along don’t we.  We grin through the pain caused as the hair rips out of our scalp.

After that we do “noses”.  That is where we rub our noses together and then we do hugs and kisses.  She then settles down to bed and i pull the comforter up over her.

Will these moments last forever?  I don’t think they will.  Can you imagine a 13 year old child wanting to sit and comb mummys hair and do “noses”?  Nope, neither can i.  It would be more believable to say that she will probably want to punch me in the nose and rip my hair out with the comb.  I don’t remember when my parents last read a story to me.

I am glad I have found time to spend with Thing 1.  I was so worried that Thing 2 would take up all my time but we have a good balance now.

After the other night of Thing 1 combing my hair, I smiled at work as I looked in the mirror because my hair had gone completely frizzy.  Bless her heart!


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