Potty Training Revisited

We were extremely lucky in that we had a relatively smooth transition going from 1 kid to 2.  Usually you hear horror stories of your kid turning from Laura Ingles on Little house on the prairie, to that screwed up chick from the exorsist.  The only issue we had with Thing 1 is that she regressed on the potty training.

I had this small piece of hope that I might just be dealing with 1 child in diapers and I could once again contribute more money to my ailing shoe fund!!  Nope…… I have my 2 girls in diapers still.  Thing 1 was doing great for the final stages of my pregnancy.  As soon as the baby came along, she seemed to lose all interest in the potty.  I was so disappointed but I really think I got off lightly.

Well, we have had some progress and let me tell you of what happened to us this weekend.  I have been doing naked days with Thing 1 on the weekends.  The thinking behind this was that if she realizes she has no diaper on, she may ask to go to the loo………………………….hahahahahahahaha! I am so deluded.

We have gotten used to Thing 1′s “poop” face and we can tell when she needs to go.  I would ask her throughout the day if she needs to go use the potty.  She always replies no.  In the playroom we have a teepee that has her potty inside it.  I also have a Dora the Explorer potty ring in the downstairs loo.  We were in the play room in our home the other day and she hid behind the blackboard easel.  There it is! Here is my chance to catch her.  Her eyes watered and I asked, do you need to go potty?  She replied “no” as she strained.  She then went to hide behind the teepee.  I quickly grabbed her and my hubby said “She is actually pooping right now!”  I cheered and quickly put her on the potty in her teepee and she stayed there and pooped.

She then sprang up and had the biggest smile on her face.  she yelled “I did it!!!” Mummy I did it, Daddy I did it.  The sense of accomplishment in her voice was so sweet.  We did high fives all round and then wiped her clean.  I then went and got her a sticker for her to stick on the potty chart.  She was so pleased with herself.

Later in the day we were outside playing in the paddling pool.  she had a summer dress on and no diaper.  As usual we kept asking if she needed to go potty.  she would respond with a definite “No”.  She was playing catch with us and it never dawned on me.  that she may need to go again.  During our game of catch I threw the ball to her as she was standing by the slide.  do you know, she has been standing behind that slide for a while and she has been very quiet.  I walked past and got the aromatic whiff of pure evil!  I said to my hubby, has the dog pooped?  It would be unusual as the dog has been trained to poop in one spot.  He said no, it is just standing water in the wheelbarrow.  I smelt the wheelbarrow but it didnt smell of anything.

I then looked at darling Thing 1 who was stood at the slide and then saw her feet.  She had crouched and pooped on the grass and then in her open toed sandals she decided to stamp up and down in it.  She was having a BLAST!!!! Giggling and everything.

As I swallowed down the sick that had just appeared in my mouth we sprung into action.  Out came the hose to spray the grass and we downplayed as if nothing had happened as I didnt want Thing 1 to think she had been bad or that something was wrong.  I was in absolute fits of laughter just picturing her dancing in the poop.

We are going to keep up with the potty training.  We had more progress yesterday,  she is asking to go to the loo.  She did it this morning as I dropped her at daycare.  She didnt do anything but i am glad she is asking.


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