Nom Nom Nom………..lovely rice cereal

Rice cereal time!!!!! AKA sleeping much longer time!!!!! Thing 2 went for her Drs appointment the other day. She had her 2nd round of shots. I felt terrible seeing her in pain but luckily it was short and sweet. As soon as she had her shots I put her straight on the boob and she was as happy as a cricket. Her growth is going well. She is 25 inches tall but clearly full of hot air as she only weighs in at 13 pounds. How funny! She is just like Thing 1. She is a little string bean, long and thin. The best news to hear was that we can start Thing 2 on Rice Cereal. Thing 2 already sleeps real well but I have been waking her up at 9pm to feed her to get her through the night. The Dr said I can try rice cereal for dinner and then not wake her up and see how she goes. Our old nightly routine was bath and boob at 6.15. then to bed. I would wake her up at 9pm for a feed. Then she would sleep till about 5am. Now the new routine hopefully will be rice cereal and bath before bed. Put her to bed at 6.15. Then hope and pray to the gods for a peaceful night.
Theory and reality are 2 completely different things and I envisaged her waking up at midnight covered in crap where her stomach has gone, what the frig is this????? I also imagined her maybe waking up with tummy ache or trapped gas from eating something that did not come from my boob.
Well clearly the gods were smiling at me because it went remarkably well. Here is how things went down. I got Thing 1 and Thing 2 home from daycare. Thing 1 sat at the table and had her dinner like usual. I got Thing 2 and sat her in here bebepod. If you are unsure what one of these is click here. Thing 1 thought it was great to see her sister eat at the same time as her.  I made the cereal and as it was the first feed I made it really runny.  I had a tablespoon of cereal to 4 tablespoons of my milk.  Thing 2 was playing with the toy on the bebepod.  Then she saw the spoon approaching.  The spoon met her lips and of course Thing 2 thought that was the perfect time to blow a raspberry.  I made 2 mistakes here.  I didnt give her a bib prior to feeding and i neglected to move myself out of the splash zone.  The third mistake was leaving the toy on the bebepod as she was now lovingly licking the rattle on it, making sure to get cereal in all the nooks and crannies.

Lets try this again.  Toy has now been removed.  Bib has been placed on Thing 2 and I now wear a Haz-Mat suit.  Here we go again.  Spoon goes in mouth.  Thing 2 laps up the liquid and…………she likes it.  Ok, this might be OK.  I managed to give her about half of the portion before she was full.  what a great first go.  Alot of it dribbled out of her mouth as she had to perfect the technique but it was a great first go.

There was also a 4th mistake.  I left the bowl within arms reach and she knocked it out of my hand.  It hit the table and low and behold a shower of cereal covered us both.  Its amazing how quickly that stuff sets and creates a rock hard mass in your hair.

Afterwards, she let out a lovely big burp.  That night I put her to sleep at 6.15 as usual and then tried to calm my nerves as this was the first time I would not be waking her up at 9pm.  I sat there nervously watching the clock.  As it got closer to 9pm I got more agitated.  I turned to my hubby and kept asking,” will she be alright?”  He gave me a reassured “yes”.  I still was imagining her in her crib wasting away or eating her sleep suit because clearly she would starve.  Gosh my mind is so twisted.  I settled into bed at about 9.30 and kept checking the monitor every 5 minutes and was refusing to believe that she would be OK.  Of course she was OK!!! She was better than OK.  She slept right through to 4pm.  She did not wake up in a pool of poop.  She was absolutely fine.  I still had to wake up twice in the night to pump but she had a great night sleep.

We have now been doing this for 2 weeks and the consistency of the cereal has progressed to oatmeal thickness.  She also eats the whole portion.  I also give her my boob before I put her down at 6.15.  I am sure this is the selfish clingy side of me wanting to cling on to these baby moments for a little longer.  I know that this is my last child so I seem to want to relish every feed as if it is my last.  My milk production has seriously tanked.  IT is literally like trying to get blood out of a stone when I am pumping.  I have had to top up the bottles with formula because I can no longer meet her demand.  Every bit of me hates that but at least I know she is full up and satisfied.

Her tummy seems to have adjusted well.  she is pooping regularly and she does not seem to have any discomfort.  I have so far been really lucky.  May that luck continue!!!!

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