who invented frikkin fireworks?…………Happy 4th!

So I’m not being a scrooge and I am not just bitter because I am English, because it would be the same if I was in England and it is Bonfire Night.  I live on a development full of young families with little babies everywhere.  This 4th July I was hoping and praying that people would restrict the fireworks a little but silly me.  I am so naive.

I would never want to rain on anyones parade but I cannot tell you what an awful night we had.  The fireworks just went on and on for HOURS.  The dog was freaking out, the baby kept waking up and crying.  Even Thing 1 was disturbed in her sleep.  I felt like such a cow getting angry but I was having such a strop!

I managed to convince myself that the people setting off the fireworks were doing it on purpose to make sure I had a shit night.  My husband would look at me and see my back and shoulders get more and more tense with each and every fizz and spark.  Its funny because people see you walk down the street with the new baby and coo over them.  They look at you and ask how they are sleeping and you say oh they are doing really well.  So WHY DO THEY RUIN IT?

You know, there are three states in the whole of the USA that ban fireworks. I figured It would be a great place to raise kids.  So WHY does every man and his dog set off fireworks?????? Its beyond me.

I sound like such a grumpy old witch and I know for a fact that there will be several o my neighbors reading this.  Please don’t throw eggs or toilet paper my yard, I love you very much and I don’t’ think it was you but diggity dang.  I get so anxious about it and I work myself into such a stupor about it, i practically foam at the mouth.  Am i the only one that gets irked about this?

Anyway in the spirit of the season. Happy 4th!!!!

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