What a wonderful world

Life gets so busy it is very easy for us to miss the most simple joys in life.  i forget what a beautiful , exciting, wonderful world I live in.  Between work and trying to keep house, I forget to see how amazing the world is through the eyes of a 2 year old.

We are very fortunate to live out in the countryside.  This means we have a whole host of beautiful wildlife right on the doorstep.  We were out in the pool with Thing 1 the other day when all of a sudden she looked wide eyed and almost launched herself over the side of the pool.  When we went to look at what she had seen she yelled ,” froggy!!! Froggy!!”

Is it weird that i find it amazing that she sees that little green thing hopping around and she knows its a frog.  She was so excited at seeing a real life frog.  To anyone else it would just be a frog.  We see them all the time when we are mowing the lawn but they don’t make me yell and jump up and down with excitement.  When Thing 1 did this the other day, my husband got so excited with her.  Its so wonderful to see.

This evening I was Thing 1 as she was reading her book.  It was called Dora’s bedtime wishes.  She now reads several words correctly and makes several words up for fun.  She refers to the owl as a “hoo hoo”.  She says “good night hoo hoo”  Its so sweet.  She is literally like a sponge.  She is learning everything so quickly.  She can now recite the whole Mickey Mouse Club Theme tune.  She knows who all the characters are and she sings along with the songs.

I remember before I had kids If I had been subjected to the same Barney video being played 18 times in a row, I would have licked a 9 volt battery or put my hands in the blender just for fun.  Something happens when you have a kid.  You just kind of learn to tune it out, all the while still singing along with a ridiculous grin on your face.  The funniest part is the gentle rocking motion you create.  Ever so subtle but it is a definite rocking motion.  The fact that your little girl sings along to it just makes it all the more sweet.  Thing 1 LOVES chitty chitty bang bang.  She calls it choo choo boom boom.  Oh I love it!!!!

On my drive home Thing 1 looks out of the window and doesn’t just observe the world, she narrates it.  When was the last time you said, hi birds, hi clouds, hi airplane.  I said it today as my 2 year old told me to.  I am pretty sure right now I would repeat anything she says.

When you drive home tomorrow, take a little while to look around and say hi to something x

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