Potty Training update

Well we are 1 step closer to goal.  Thing 2 is now asking to go to the potty and she is happy to sit on the potty for a good 5 minutes at a time.  This is the grown up potty, not the small one.  We do have afew secret weapons that seem to work.

number 1 is her potty book called “A potty for me”.  She loves reading it.  It is kept in the bathroom and she only ever gets to read it when sat on the loo.  Click here to see the book.

number 2 is her dora the Explorer potty ring.  she LOVES this.  she likes to put it on the loo herself. click here to see the seat.

number 3 is the sticker she gets for being a good girl and sitting on the potty. 

She gets all excited about it now which is great.  She even stops playing occasionally and asks to go to the loo.  She might not always do something but it is progress nontheless.  Whats the really hysterical piece is how I have almost squeezed one out when asking her to do the poo face.  I join in with her and almost soil myself.  A little too much enthusiasm on my part lol!

Next steps may be to get some additional rewards, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and other pieces to reward those proper toilet sessions that have the espected result.  in other words she gets crap for taking a crap.

What cracks me up is the ordasity of kids to tell you they need the loo, go sit on the potty forever and a day, then get off the potty after not doing anything, letting you put a diaper on and then crapping into it straight away!!!!!!!!!!!  Thing 1 does this thing we refer to as “far away play”  where she carries on playing but does it as far away from you as possible.  Then she will run by with what looks like a tail as the turd in her diaper creates a huge bulk at the back of her diaper. 

Lets see how it goes and of course I will report back when I get an update ready for you.

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