Walks around the block

We have a nightly routine during most of the year where we all go for a walk around our neighborhood before we put the girls to bed.  4 months of the year we have about 3 foot of snow on the ground so we make sure we do it as much as possible the rest of the year.

There are some absolute golden memories to be taken from this tradition.  I shall mention these magical moments below:

  • counting all the trees
  • finding the joy in a pile of mud
  • pointing at hanging baskets and calling them cakes
  • not being able to go past a storm drain without dropping a pebble in it
  • joyfully yelling “plop” when said pebble hits the water
  • pointing at a plane up in the sky
  • convincing your child that the shadow cast by your hand as the sun sets behind you is a real life duck
  • waving at complete strangers as they drive past in their cars
  • barking back at dogs
  • pointing at all the sprinklers that are on and making sure both mummy and daddy acknowledge it
  • excitedly pointing at the “stop” sign and happily showing mummy and daddy that you know what it says
  • pointing at all the houses saying “this one daddy?” while all the time you know which one is your house
  • finding a leaf and thinking it is the most mind blowing thing in the world
  • picking mummy a flower (weed) and then running over to give it to her

I hope everyone has these magical moments and takes time to keep traditions going.


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