Getting used to Aunt Flo hanging around again

After having 2 babies within 23 months of each other I have completely forgotten how to deal with my monthly visitor.  You know my Aunt Flo coming to visit.

There was a time when I could time pretty much to the hour EXACTLY when my period could start.  I knew when I was ovulating.  Now I feel like I am a tween again.  Like I have just started my period.  I am all disorganized and keep getting caught out.  I have these awful memories flashing back of being out on a beautiful summers day in a flowing white skirt and then suddenly getting that awful feeling that oh-oh……. Lets quickly go check the back of my skirt.  I would of course find that awful reminder staring back at me that I am a completely disorganized baffoon who cant even remember when her period is starting.  

Weirdly for me I have not had the usual abdominal cramps.  After giving birth with no pain meds, not even paracetamol, my idea of what is painful seems to have changed a little.  I got caught out the other week when I was playing with Thing 1 and I was sat on the floor and I felt a little liquid where there shouldn’t have been liquid.  I didn’t think anything of it.  I just carried on playing, thinking that it was just the fact that i had a bladder with several million holes in it.

I went to the loo later on and felt like such a dick head when I saw what the actual reason was for the “liquid”.  How could I have missed that????  I had nothing in the house.  No Sanitary towels or anything.  The only thing I could find was the massive pillow top mattress of a pad that you get from the hospital after you give birth.  I put that in for the time being and waddled around the house.

Darling husband went to the store and got me some provisions.  Now the great thing is that my husband is not shy at all.  He is the kinda guy that would walk in the store and buy sanitary towels and nothing else.  He would not be embarrassed.  He would not feel the need to buy a copy of Penthouse, Monster Trucks Monthly, a tub of whey powder protein shake and then my little feminine always with wings.  He would just march right up there and plonk it down there at the checkout.  I am so lucky. Christ knows what that pharmacy must think.  Some of the last purchases there were sanitary towels, an anal thermometer and some KY lubricating jelly……..DONT I LOOK LIKE A COMPLETE WEIRDO.

So, after vowing that I would not forget next time, I am sitting here wondering when the heck I started my last one????  I know I ovulated about 2 weeks ago so its gotta be any day now.  You just wait.  I will wear a cute little outfit to my company picnic on Friday and then Aunt Flo will surprise me……………….BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to “Getting used to Aunt Flo hanging around again”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Get an app, I use Period Planner, after a couple of cycles it’s amazingly accurate! I could never remember either!

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