Batteries not included

I always feel sorry for the 2nd child.  The poor buggers.  They already get hand me down clothes.  They never get pictures taken of them.  They don’t seem to have record books and if they have a toy (hand me down, of course) that is battery powered……..forget it.  That toy will never work again.

When I had Thing 1 I literally had a camera in her face constantly. She sneezed, I took a photo.  She smiled, I took a photo. She crapped all up her back and in her hair…..I took a photo and shared it on Facebook.  I am making a really concerted effort to remember to do all of this for Thing 2.  Thing 2 is evolving daily and she has flip flopped several times, first looking like my husband, then looking like me.  Now she looks like her sister.  I make sure I have the camera close so that I can capture those key moments.  There were certain outfits Thing 1 wore and i took nice photos in.  It is nice to be able to see Thing 2 in the same clothes and in the same pose.  It is funny seeing just what a peanut Thing 2 is.  Thing 1 had a massive head at this stage.  Thing 2 just feels full of helium or something as she is light as a feather.

I think all parents leaving hospital with a second or multiple child, they should be given a multi pack of duracell.  Thing 2 has all these great toys and wouldnt you know that all of the batteries wore out at the same time.  i STILL havent replaced them!!!! I am such a bad parent!  If the cable remote batteries wear out I literally scour the house and down the back of all the sofas to get any battery.  I do the old “take the back off and rub the batteries and breathe on them and put them back” trick.  I literally go into cold sweats if i cant find any.  I have to replace them right away.  If a toy runs out of power I sit there and go “its ok, I will replace them on the weekend”.  I never ever end up doing it.  I will have to make a pledge and do it this weekend.

Same thing with the record book.  I remember writing down the color and consistency of Thing 1′s every single poop for the first 2 weeks.  I recorded the order and date that her teeth came in.  I wrote down the date that she first rolled over, ate bananas and when she first sat up.  It has been a great reference for Thing 2.  I ave only recorded most of Thing 2 via my blog.  I am going to now make sure I post more milestones.

She is now sitting upright.  It is almost like a game.  I sit her there and then mentally take bets as to whether she will fall forward, back, left or right.  She is eating rice cereal and bananas.  She has not cut a tooth yet but she is definitely teething.  I had a HORRID night on Sunday when Thing 2 woke up every hour on the hour.  Thank the lord I had booked Monday off because I needed to sleep so badly.  Thing 2 sleeps amazingly well and has done for a very long time so of course when I get a bad night, I really struggle.

Thing 2 has also started babbling some different sounds.  She now says “dadadadadadadadadada” and “babababababababa”. Nice, that shows that on the hierarchy, I am somewhere below daddy and sheep.

Long story short,  come on parents,  If there are toys that are not currently working, lets go out on the weekend and get some batteries this weekend :)

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