DIY baby food

I have always made my own baby food.  Its the one thing I know I can do well and doesn’t make me feel like an absolute cop out.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and gives me peace of mind that I am doing something right.  I don’t know why I got started.  I think me being a Yorkshire lass by birth and being inherently stingy with my money, maybe that was the reason.

Over here in the states one jar of baby food costs about 77 cents.  Add up the 3 jars they will probably go through in a day (breakfast lunch and dinner……………unless you are a hobbit and we need to add in 2nd breakfast and elevenses) the cost soon starts to add up.  My local farmers market provides me with beautiful, fresh, locally grown veg at very reasonable prices. You don’t have to go all organic as I know money can be tight, but at least it is nice and fresh.  I recently made a batch of food from 1 butternut squash.  The butternut squash cost me $1.99.  This butternut squash provided enough flesh to make 32 meals.  If we compare the cost of 32 jars of food at 77 cents ($24.64), we come up with a saving of $22.65. Is it just me or does it TOTALLY make sense to make your own???

Now don’t worry I am not going to go all preachy on you or get my soap box out as there are of course downsides.  Jars of food are great to take on trips away where refrigeration may be an issue.  Also, there are alot of day care centers that may not accept food from the home.

I receive several requests asking me how I make my baby food so I am going to pass on the knowledge with my little story board.  Each person has their own way of doing this but I will show you the way I have found easiest:

Step 1: Grab your veg and get chopping.  Make cubes about 1 inch square:

For the guys out there who have NO idea of scale, you need the cubes about this big:

Step 2: Put all cubed veg into the steamer for 40 minutes:


The steamer is used can be viewed by clicking here

Step 3: Once veg is tender, allow to cool and transfer to a blender:

Step 4: Divide blended food into ice cube trays, then wrap trays with plastic wrap:

Step 5:  Pop trays into freezer.  Once frozen, remove cubes and put in a freezer bag:

I tend to write on the bag what veg it is and when I prepped it.  When you want to serve up the food.  Just grab 2 cubes and heat them at meal times.  That should just about do it.  Once your baby is used to different foods you can mix and match combinations.  Like one cube of squash and 1 cube of sweet potato for example.  It also works great with stewed fruit.

Please heed this warning. Unless you want to look like you have been wanking off  Wotsit or tossing off a Cheeto, wear some gloves.  Butternut Squash stains badly!!!!:


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