Rainy Day Entertainment

The weather is starting to close in now as we have entered fall.  Living in Upstate New York we are treated to a rich, vibrant display of colors as the leaves finally give up the fight and prepare for winter.  This now means more rainy, cold days and certainly no swimming in the lakes anymore.  We are forced to look elsewhere for entertainment.  About a year ago we stumbled on a place locally that really fits the bill and fulfills several goals for our children:

1.  The kids can run around and bounce on everything

2. They can scream as loud as they want

3. The leave absolutely exhausted!

I am speaking of a local indoor bounce house called Live 2 Bounce.

We started going las year in the Winter.  We had tried another local place but were not happy with the cleanliness nor the selection of age appropriate bounce areas.  We then heard about Live 2 Bounce and thought we would check it out.  When we walked into the main reception area it was like walking into Willie Wonkas Chocolate factory but on ACID! There are colored lights, mirror balls, balloons and colorful decor everywhere.  Certainly stimulating for the little ones.  My attention is drawn to the plaques above the door showing their success as they have been winners of the “Besties” awards for many years running, including 2012.  See the announcement and other winners here.  It won the award for Best free or cheap place and best place to play indoors.  You can pay for whatever time increment you want.  Usually an hour works for us.

Heres the skinny on the place:

Age Appropriate

There are bounce houses and slides available for kids of all ages.  There are even toys that new babies can play with.  Everywhere I look I can see hand sanitizer.  This is a huge plus.  The other place we tried was really far from clean.  Thing 1 was just standing there with her mouth open wide when she first went in (much like me and hubby).  The slides and bounce houses  had labels on to inform us what age was allowed.  This was another huge plus because one issue I know many parents encounter is the selfish teenagers that just climb and run all over the bounce houses with complete disregard for little ones.  In fact, I have seen many occasions at other places where kids have been knocked flying by the bigger kids and no one (including the parents) seem to do anything. I am not going to say this doesnt happen at Live 2 Bounce but where they differ is they keep a vigilant eye on what guests are doing and they immediately take action if they see rough play.  They do overhead announcements regularly to remind patrons of the best practices and also have spoken with people directly.   We have been very lucky and Thing 1 has not had any incidents thus far.

Clean as a whistle!

Another observation was the staff are ALWAYS cleaning.  They are regularly walking around putting play toys back in their place and going around with spray cleaner to make sure everything looks its best.  I LOVE that.  I am by no means OCD about cleanliness but it is so great to see care and attention being taken.  We once saw a documentary about the amount of germs and poop that was found in a play area at a restaurant and I nearly vomited in my mouth, so it is nice to see people being proactive rather than reactive.

Baby friendly

What blew my mind was the fact that they have an area just for baby changing.  There is a changing table and cabinet with a privacy screen.  They have wipes available and hand sanitizer right there.  It has always been clean but us mums being mums we always clean it anyway.  They also have exersaucers and toys and musical instruments like bells for the wee ones which is great.


They constantly change the bounce houses around and keep things interesting.  They update regularly with new exciting products.  They also change the layout regularly.

Adult friendly

There are nice seating areas for the adults and most importantly a coffee bar with a Keurig machine.  This is a godsend seen as most of us need a serious shot of caffeine on a weekend after a full week of work and a teething 7 month old!  There are lots of magazines to read and it is a great environment to socialize with other parents and great for playdates.


I am not sure who enjoys this more…..the kids or the adults.  Every hour they dim the lights and make an announcement to let the kids know that it is bubble time.  They have a special area with bubble machines where it literally fills the air with hundreds of bubbles.  The music is loud, the lights and going crazy and the kids too.  You can hear the kids squeal with excitement as they try and pop them all.  Thing 2 is 7 months old and even she loves it.


I am going to leave you with 3 pieces of advice:

  1. TAKE SOCKS for you and your kids.  No shoes or bare feet allowed.  They have socks there if you forget
  2. Check the calendar on the website for open bounce hours.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW WEBSITE
  3. Be prepared for a very VERY tired child when you leave!!
I see big things for this place and I wanted to give it a shout out because it ROCKS!   Why not like them on Facebook, we need to keep businesses like this up and running.  I just wish they would do adult only nights lol!!!!



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