Watching movies with Thing 1 – AKA snuggle time

What cracks me up about my husband living with me on Venus is that guys like to be mens men, you know using saws and belt sanders and pretending a drill is a gun.  That is, until little girls come along.  Then they call me up squealing at excitement at the fact that Disney TOTALLY just released Cinderella from the vault on Blu-Ray.  This is precisely what happened to me the other day.

Thing 1 LOVES the book Cinderella.  We start off the book by looking at the name and using our finger to say the syllables. “Cin-Der-Ell-A”  We repeat the same thing over and over afew times until she says it perfectly.  Then we go back to say it all as one whole word and she says “fufferella” so funny! 

Thing 1 loves to make the story her own and make up her own subtext and dialogue.  On one page in an illustration there is a spider in its web.  She sees it and instantly breaks into song.  Singing itsy bitsy spider with all the hand gestures.  Once she has completed it I am subjected to doing it.  I cannot join in as she gets her knickers in a twist, I have to wait for my turn (wonder where she gets that from)

At the end she completes the story with me by saying “Happily Ever After…..THEEEEEEEEEE END”.  It of course seemed perfect timing to get the Blu Ray and watch it together as a family.

We settled down one night after dinner and we snuggled up.  When I say we, I mean Daddy and Thing 1 snuggled and I sat in my own recliner.  The credits began because of course back in the days these films were made, there were about 20 minutes of peoples names at the beginning of the films.  Random names like “lead animators first cousins hairdressers aunt.  It just seemed endless! Thank the lord for the “skip” button.

We then watched the film and Thing 1 just melted into her daddy.  She concentrated so hard I think her head grew 2 sizes.  She did not move a muscle.  Just took it all in.

It was such a wonderful moment, and at the end in true form she said “Happily Ever After..The End”. The  really funny thing is that no matter what she is watching, she always says it. We were watching Thomas the Tank Engine the other day and she said it.

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