Thing 2 is on the move!! Thing 1 is ready for public speaking

Well I am a lady of my word and I promised that I would be more diligent with documenting thing 2′s milestones.

This last week we have seen some notable changes.  Mainly it is her mobility.  She is able to sit herself upright in her crib.  It is so sweet when I go in there on a morning and she is just sitting there waiting for me.  It has only happened a couple of times, most of the time she is on her belly and her legs start kicking like mad when i enter the room.

We have also noticed that she is more vocal. She has most certainly found her voice and boy does she like to use it.  This morning I was driving to the daycare and Thomas the Tank Engine was playing on the screens in the car.  Thing 1 was singing along with the theme tune and Thing 2 decided to try and out sing her.  A whole slew of “Dadadadadada” came from the back seat.  she has also perfected the fine art of the raspberry blow.  She can now soak everything within an arms length of her mouth.  What really tickles me is when she blows a raspberry so hard that she farts.

She is now also perfecting her military, GI Joe crawl.  Not being content with crawling like regular babies do, she opts for more of a Daniel Craig,  James Bond style belly crawl.  She really must want our new iphone 5 badly because the minute we put it on the floor it is like a homing beacon is activated in her and she does whatever she can to crawl over to it and use it for a chew toy (what would Tim Cook say if he saw that!………..there’s an app for that maybe?)

Thing 2 now loves to get from her belly to the sitting position.  seeing the look of satisfaction on her face is so wonderful.  She is just so proud of herself.  I can tell it will not be too long before gravity starts pulling at her and she will end up walking around with the permanent purple shiner to advertise just how unbelievable clumsy she is.

Thing 1 is also blossoming.  She is taking Dance classes which she loves.  They do ballet and tap.  I am noticing that her memory seems to get better and better.  She remembers what she learned even a week after, she remembers the way there in the car.  She also remembers certain places for certain toys/ playgrounds and such.  It is so true when people say that kids at this age are like sponges.  Thing 1 is 2 and a half and Thing 2 is 7 months.

Thing 1 is using the potty more and more each day.  She regularly uses it at daycare and she is asking to use it at home.  Some days work better than others but we had a great week last week.  We now have the portable DVD player in the loo with a dvd playing of Bear in the Big Blue house “Potty Time”.  (Click here to see the DVD) She gets excited about watching it.  We found it at a yard sale for a dollar!  It also runs long enough that she is more patient to sit there and wait until she is ready to go.

Her conversation is a never ending stream of dialogue now which I find so entertaining.  In the car she will talk away telling me what she is looking at, what she ate for lunch, what Thomas is doing on the DVD, what Chloe is doing and the fact that she needs a poop.  She also now talks over me when I call my husband on the way home.  It is so funny, I will be talking and she will go “Daddy, Daddy Daddy Daddy”.  He will say ” Yes ?” and then she will say something like “Hi!” Its like that scene out of Family Guy when Stewie plays that prank on his mom Lois (for those of you who have not had their lives enriched by this clip, click here to see it)  She now speaks with people on the phone, typically she will ask if the person is ok.  Then she will tell people how she just ate raisins.  Then she will tell them Thing 2 is sleeping (even if she is not).  Last night after her dance lesson she came home and was telling her daddy all about it.  It was so sweet how excited she was and what made my heart melt even more was seeing the look if pride and contentment on my husbands face.

Thing 1 is also a little songstress.  Many a night we will put her to bed and she will be awake for about an hour just singing to herself.  Most songs are easily recognized and they are mixed in with afew she must have made up.  She sings them to her teddy bear.  she has 3 in her bed.  1 called Lamb that she has had since she was born.  1 called George because he looks like Curious George and Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.  I know these bears intimately as i have to cuddle them and kiss them all before I leave the room.

I LOVE writing this blog as it will hopefully capture these memories for a lifetime and beyond.

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  1. Jane Sheppard says:

    Aaah! such happy memories you will have, a great idea writing a blog, you can look back and remember everything, love you all loads, x x

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