When did my husband become the town babysitter?

Grrrrrr. Warning. This post may feature angry surpressed thoughts that have been festering since Sunday and have gone all rotten and smelly and are in danger of exploding in a toxic cloud of profanities in an inappropriate place if I am not careful.

In the words of Peter Griffin from Family Guy……”do you know what really grinds my gears?”  Parents who take their kids to the local playground and then fail to monitor them, so my husband has to go in and do the job when they misbehave.  This happens all too often and i am starting to think its an epidemic.

We regularly visit the playground and of course you meet all sorts of people, we go fully aware that not all kids behave, but it really annoys me when parents just ignore their kid or EVEN WORSE see their kid misbehave and not do a thing.  WHERE DO THEY GET OFF?????  Oh of course, how silly of me, you have just received a life altering update from Facebook telling you that a friend of a friend has liked a status you posted 3 weeks ago.  You must act and respond immediately.  The fact that your kid is running around the park like he owns the place is trivial.

My husband has always been very active with kids and all the kids in the family adore him.  Its one of the things that attracted me to him.  He will always be with Thing 1 in the playground, going down the slide, crossing the wibbly wobbly bridge and of course if she doesnt share properly, he will show her how to play nicely in the sand pit.  This is what parents are supposed to do right?

This Sunday just gone we were at a park and Thing 1 was plying on the slide.  This bigger boy then went up the steps and blocked the slide saying “its closed” .  Thing 1 then looked at her Daddy to see what to do.  She tried to ask nicely and the kid wouldn’t move.  The mother was sat right in front of the slide with a friend in full gossip mode, ignoring what is going on right in front of her.  My hubby had to go up the slide steps and remind the boy that the slide is not his and that he needs to go down the slide or get off.  It was as simple as that.  The boy went down the slide and then played very nicely.  His mother still did not see what had gone on.  I keep looking at this post thinking am I over reacting?  But, if this was Thing 1 that did that I would have immediately corrected it.

When I look around the parks now, more and more parents are on their smartphones and focused on their social networks rather than how adorable or how utterly obnoxious their kids are being.  I remember my mummy and daddy always being right there in the thick of it with me and they always made sure I played fair.  Thats what parents do, or am I completely ridiculous?

Oh I feel so much better.  I will now go wash this sand out of my vajayjay and move on :)

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One Response to “When did my husband become the town babysitter?”

  1. Abbers says:

    No your no being ridiculous. It gets on my tits when a kid is left to be a little terror. Just the other day I was in the supermarket and this kid threw an orange in the general direction of his mother (very busy gossiping) only when he threw the second did she say anything to stop him. And tbh it was lack lustre and did nothing. He then went for the apples. I had to leave the vicinity because I was already angry as someone had failed to notice/care that their dog had pooped not one step from my front door and not bothered to pick it up. Icky angry annoyed dirty boot disgusted etc…

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