A Hurricane, a hissy Fit and huge doo-doo…..

Unless you have been living under a rock you will all know that we have encountered some bad weather with Hurricane Sandy.  Yes we live in NY state but 5 hours North of Manhattan so we were not affected.  That didn’t mean we didnt prepare…..we were fully prepared for Armageddon, headless horsemen and other such doomsday characters.

On the evening Sandy hit darling hubby went to the store to get some last minute canned food and supplies.  It was time for Thing 1 and Thing 2 to go to bed.  Thing 1 was already down before hubby went to the store so I thought, this is fine.  I will be all set.  Oh how wrong could I have been.  Thing 1 now uses the toilet all the time (THANK GOD!) so we have a routine where she goes and sits on the toilet before bedtime and we sing Old MacDonald until she does her business.

I put her on the toilet and suddenly from nowhere, Thing 2 starts crying.  I leave her afew minutes to see if she will calm down.  She doesn’t.  What the F!!!!!!! she NEVER does this.  Until of course hubby is out and we have a hurricane on our doorstep lol!

I look at Thing 1 on the toilet and explain that ” mummy just has to go check on your sister.  You stay there and keep singing so mummy can hear you.”  I went in to Thing 2 and put her pacifier back in and she settled down.  Now I could get back to Thing 1 who while I was away had done big wee wees in the toilet. YAY!

I take Thing 1 into her bedroom and am about to get her ready for bed when Thing 2 starts screaming again.  I try and get Thing 1′s night time diaper on but she starts running around the room.  She thinks this is hilarious by the way!!!  Thing 2 doesn’t settle down so again i explain that I have to go deal with sister.  I give Thing 1 her favorite book and she sits on the bed to read while I calm down Thing 2 in the other room.

Finally!!!!! Peace is restored.  I go back into Thing 1′s room and she beams with pride and points at the massive turd she has just done on the bed.  She then proceeds to tell me that the sheets are dirty and they need cleaning.  CHARMING!!!!!!!  I tried so hard not to die laughing.  It was so stressful and so funny at the same time.  I call hubby up and say he needs to come home because guess what? Thing 2 has just woken up again.  I run downstairs to get clean sheets and change the bed.  Thing 1 is now safely tucked up in bed and reading.  I go back into Thing 2′s room and settle her down.  Hubby has now arrived.  Thank the lord.  I am starving and he said he would bring dinner back from the store with him.

I put Thing 2 down for the final time of the night and went downstairs to greet hubby and thank him for coming back.  I asked what he had been able to get for dinner. he said “nothing, because you told me to come home” Poor guy!!!! I sent him out in a Hurricane to get emergency supplies and to get dinner and then call him back when the crap hit the fan (literally) then when he comes home peace was restored and we still don’t have dinner.

EPIC FAIL but so funny in hind sight!!!!!

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