By George I Think She’s Got It!!!

Thing 1 has had 2 weeks WITHOUT DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!! I still can’t quite get my head around it.  It was literally like one day she woke up and decided,”Sitting in my own crap and pee is a bit of a pain in the arse (literally)”.  I was a late bloomer as a child when it came to potty training and my dad will regularly remind me that he once commented “I hope I’m not doing this when you are 18″.  I was beginning to think the same about Thing 1.  You hear these stories about kids who still sleep in their mummy and daddy’s room at 25 years old.  Thats just so weird in my book.  Unless you are a nomadic tribe who lives in a yurt, its weird.

As you regular readers will know, Thing 1 took a bit of a step back when Thing 2 was born.  She was living in diapers and just would not do anything on the potty.  We would read to her, paint her nails, play DVD’s of Bear in the Big Blue House.  Eventually something must have happened because literally overnight, 2 weeks ago, Thing 1 wanted to use nothing but the toilet and her potty.

It was such an about turn, we did not know how to react to it.  Do we leave her in underwear all the time now? Do we put her in a diaper when we go out?  We just didn’t know! We figured the best thing to do is to pack lots and lots of clothes in our bag and trial everything.  The results are as follows:

  • All toilets are good with the exception of the evil, noisy monster, child eating ones at the Mall.  They have the eco friendly automatic flush on them.  Sounds great for adults, but for the kid who likes to bend over and look between her legs to watch the pee come out, they are the sworn enemy!.  Poor Thing 1 shat herself literally as she bent over and nearly had her lower intestine extracted by the hurricane force wind in the toilet bowl.  From now on Thing 2 will not entertain those toilets.
  • Excelerator Hand dryers.  First of all, they are not mounted at kid height.  Here is our first issue.  Second issue is when your poor kid loses the skin off her face as she looks up at it with arms outstretched.
  • Lack of footstools and kid height sinks.  I always get Thing 1 to wash her hands.  Sadly there are no stools or kid height sinks.  I have only found 1 place that has them and that is babies r us.  I end up carrying Thing 1 like a rugby ball and holding her over the sink while she washes her hands.  I can handle it with some kind of grace right now but in afew years this might become tricky.  I now carry tons of alcohol sanitizer with me.
  • Potty ring.  I have now learnt to carry a spare potty ring in the car with me. Thing 1 is fine without it but she holds onto the loo seat.  That is fine in our house where I know the toilet is clean, but out and about, that is NOT OK! I now have a potty ring in the car.  I tool it one step further today and had Thing 1′s full size potty in the car.  It came in very handy at the local park because the public loo’s were locked up.  We put the potty in the back of the car and she was able to go in perfect comfort.  No need to dangle her over the stingy nettles in the woods lol!
  • Keep asking if she needs a wee wee.  For the first week we had to ask her if she needed to go.  She would be so caught up with playing or dancing that she would forget and then tell you when its too late.  After a quick change of clothes, she was ok again.  Now, she tells us that she has to go.  Even when she is doing her favorite activity.   We are still a work in progress with the poops but wee wee’s seem to be good.  She even holds it until she gets home.
  • Plastic bag on the car seat.  You can buy these funky rubber covers for your car seats that protect from accidents.  I laugh at these fools as I put my plastic bag from the supermarket on the seat.  Yeah its not exactly classy, but it works I tell you!!!

That just about does it for now.  I will keep you posted on how this lucky streak continues.  We just have to master consistently pooping in the potty.

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