To turn back or not turn back?……..that is the question

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had an amazing holiday.  The holiday week was due to be concluded with an overnight stay in New York City.  We had hubby’s parents visiting from abroad. Hubby’s Aunt was due to be in NYC and we figured why don’t we all go down together and stay the night.  All of us including my now 9 month old and 2 and a half year old.  its only 4 and a half hours right?…………thats not going to be too bad right?……right?…………..WRONG!!!!

We have a 7 seater.  We figured we would put Thing 1 in the middle seat at the back next to me.  That way she can eatch the DVD player.  Then the parents would be in one seat next to Thing 2 in the middle and also in the passenger seat.  The journey started amazing, the girls were up on time, Thing 1 did a massive pee and poop before we left.  I gave Thing 1 some snacks in the car.  Thing 1 also had the Ipad and was watching Curious George. It got a little warm in the back but we seemed to be doing well.  Hubby said we would stop for coffee so I was looking forward to my caffeine hit and a donut.

FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!!!  About an hour into the journey I looked at Thing 1 who was whining.  She looked as green as the Grinch.  Just then she opened her mouth and 2 cups of orange juice and half digested cheerios spilled out.  Of course it then went into every nook and cranny of her car seat belts.  Oh crud!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I asked hubby to pull over.  Luckily I brought spare changes of clothes in the car with me so we were prepared.  Hubby pulled over and we got Thing 1 changed.  Once she had some fresh air we figured we would switch her chair to the middle so that it is less claustrophobic.

I could feel that vein in the side of my head starting to throb and a slew of self blame was ringing in my head.  Its ok. I can deal with this.  I mopped up as much as I could from her chair and once she had some water she looked better.  We set under way again.  As we pulled away, husband said ,”are you ok” to me.  I couldn’t help it but before I knew it my mouth opened and I blurted out “NO! I am hungry and tired and you said we would get coffee and its been an hour”.  Wow!!!! What a moody bitch! go on, you can say that.  I know I was a cow.

Hubby stopped to get coffee and donut from the next services.  Peace was restored.  For all of 2 miles.  Thing 1 emptied the content of her stomach on her lap again.  Poor thing.  She was so sad.  Luckily I caught most of it as I saw the warning signs.  Now the car smelt like a party bus after senior prom.  Full of sick and bile and those weird bits that look like carrot.  This is where you now ask your self that magic question.  Do we continue on as we really want to see our Aunt, or do we admit defeat and take the poor thing back home.

Here is our dilemma.  We have to go to NYC regardless as we are taking the parents down to NYC for them to all fly home together.  I really want to see Aunt Avril.  I really want to stay in the gorgeous hotel room that we had booked in the hopes that I might get some holiday nookie.  But then you realize you are a parent and everything you want goes out of the window like a fart in the wind when you see that little sad face with sick down her top.

The decision was made to return home and I would stay home with the girls while hubby goes down with his parents.  It was such a sad decision as it would mean that I would not see my hubby all weekend.  Plus with my anxiety and tendency to freak out over nothing, I was worried as to whether I could cope with the girls all weekend.  I just had to suck it up and deal with it.

We got home and wouldn’t you know, Thing 1 immediately perked up.  I knew she was fine.  It was just motion sickness.  Hubby and parents got back in the car and they left for NYC.  Inside I was panicking thinking how the heck am I going to juggle this?  I calmed down and thought, OK, I have 2 windows of opportunity during their naps to do anything important.  I was so sad to see the parents go and i was desperately sad that Thing 1 had gotten sick and now I would not see hubby.  I was fighting back the floods of tears that were ready to come out.  I had to be strong and not worry the girls.

My plan was to take the girls out to a play area for the afternoon.  Also to do some coloring and painting.  Then it was dinner time, bath time and then bed time.  How the frig was I going to do this?

As I am contemplating the days plan I felt Thing 2 suddenly tense her stomach up.  I knew that familiar face and braced for the noise and fall out that would erupt from her diaper area.  This was either going to be a lucky escape and be all contained in her diaper, or, I was going to be wiping it off her shoulder blades.  Which do you think it was?  Yep! In her hairline it was.  I settled down to task then Thing 1 said she had to wee wee.  I asked her to wait a second while I clean Thing 2 and then I would take her to the potty.  I undressed Thing 2 and held back my gag reflex as I wiped the mustard yellow turd from up her back.  Just then Thing 1 said” wee wee mummy.”  I looked up and said “yes I will take you in just a second”.  Too late.  She was pointing at a big dark patch on my nice micro fleece recliner.  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFor gods sake!

I now saw how my day was going to pan out and felt the butterflies in my stomach and the self doubt as to how effective a mother I was.  I then started thinking how the heck do full time single parents do it? I had to pull my thumb out of my arse and just get my act together. So…….I did.  I took the girls out to the play place and they all had a wonderful time. I got home and got their dinner ready.  Got them bathed and got them to bed.

As soon as I was in the kitchen, magically the bottle of Gin was in my hand and a LARGE gin and tonic had been made.  I resided myself to the fact that I would have a cold lonely night in bed.  I checked my friend finder app and saw that hubby was still in NYC.  It would be so lovely to see him.  Lets give him a call.  He told me that the hotel room was very romantic.  Big Jacuzzi tub.  It was then that  he said 5 magic words to me.  ”I’m on my way home”  WTF?????? Oh my lord!!!!!! really???? But its 4 and a half hours away.  Its going to be midnight when you get back.  He said he didn’t care, he just wanted to be home with his girls and wife.  He didn’t want me to panic on my own.

Where did I find this amazing guy????



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