The Glory of a two way conversation

Something we take for granted is the art and skill of a two way conversation.  I know there are probably going to be times ahead when I will dread the things that will spew from Thing 1′s mouth, but right now, I am so excited and so proud of her being able to hold a nice conversation with us.

Admittedly the topics tend to go off on tangents but they are such delightful stories.  Today she apparently went in a boat with her best friend, she also then did singing on the boat, specifically “old MacDonald” and “ABC”.  Then she was not on a boat but she was in a bath and she was swimming.  Then all of a sudden she was talking about raisins and that was the end of the conversation.

I still find it amazing that she can string a sentence together.  How silly, of course she can string a sentence together! She is 2 and a half.  I keep forgetting that.  When I was a young whipper snapper and I thought 2 year olds were babies.  I thought they still needed everything doing for them.  I suddenly see my 2 year old:

  • feeding herself
  • talking
  • wiping her own butt
  • picking her nose and eating it
  • putting on her own coat
  • doing poos that can rival any adults morning after a night on the piss poo
  • brushing her teeth
  • washing her hands
  • eating an apple like a normal person

Such joyous things to watch.  The coat trick is a new one and she learnt it after the 2nd go.  I was so proud!  The method is here should you wish to watch it.

Thing 1 has also been paraphrasing her favorite fairytales and princess stories.  She can regurgitate Cinderella in 5 sentences.  It is so hysterical! According to Thing 1 this is what happens in Cinderella:

  1. Oh look mummy, cinderella cleaning
  2. theres Gus Gus, hahahahaha, hes funny
  3. Mean Stepmother mummy and Drisella and Anastasia
  4. Oh look Cinderella sad, dress broke
  5. Fairy Godmother!!!!! Pumpkin
  6. Bib Bob Boo
  7. Oh wow beautiful dress, sparkly, look-it slipper
  8. Dancing, Prince oh no clock says time to go
  9. Noooooo it doesn’t fit, oh yay it fits!
  10. Happy ever after..THEEEEEEEEEE END

Have a wonderful night everyone xxxxx

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