Family Christmas Vacation (best go make yourself a cuppa, it’s gonna be a long one!)

Hello everyone! it’s been a while.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  If you have a moment to sit down and take a break, I would love to take you through my experience of our first vacation with the 2 kids. I will warn you that it will contain several anxiety attacks and angry rants, but it will also have the most beautiful moments and incidents that will melt your heart.  In short, this vacation was a wonderful, manic, panic inducing, hot mess of love, laughter,absolute knob heads, too much food, seasickness and romantic evenings in the bathroom.

For Christmas this year we were very fortunate to have been treated to a Cruise to the Bahamas.  This would also include a day at Disney.  The bonus part was we had family with children from England who would also be on the trip and staying with us for christmas and New Year.  We were so lucky as otherwise we would not have been able to afford a vacation.

So here is the backstory:

Location – Sail from Baltimore to Port Canaveral, then to Nassau (Bahamas)and then Freeport before returning to Baltimore.

Cruise Line: Carnival (Ship was the Carnival Pride)  Carnival is designed for kids (hahahaha i almost said that with a straight face!)

Expectation: Cheap Vacation as we had the Cruise ticket paid for.  Fun for the kids. Great kids pool. Kids club for Thing 1

Completely irrational reasons to lose sleep and freak out:

  1. Panicking about 5 hour drive to Baltimore, MD (kids being bored and also kids peeing their pants)
  2. Worrying about the kids sleep routine being disrupted
  3. Leaving the dog at the Kennels
  4. Stressing about the captain going all Demolition Derby on us like the Costa Concordia
  5. Wondering about the 1 hour drive to Disney World when we get to Port Canaveral
  6. Arriving back right before Christmas and I have not done any Christmas shopping oops!
Things to look forward to:
  1. A magical day at Disney with the whole family
  2. Getting a family Silhouette done.  This is a tradition
  3. Not having to cook food
  4. The hotel in Baltimore has a pool so when Thing 1 arrives after inevitably being soiled from the car journey, she can just go in the pool
  5. Getting some formal photos of the family done
HERE IS THE REALITY!  From absolute tantrums (on my part) to wonderful spontaneous cuteness from Thing 1 I will briefly share with you how it ACTUALLY turned out.  This will be done over 2 posts to save you some time :)
Night before going:
  • Excited, I have over a week off work woop woop!
  • Also, I remembered to pack the passports. YAY!
  • Due to working full time and being a lazy ass after 7pm when the kids are in bed, I had not packed.
  • Had to stay up till Daft O’Clock packing clothes for sub zero temperatures and also tropical temperatures.  Awesome!
Journey to Baltimore:
  •  Thing 1 stayed dry the WHOLE WAY! We stopped 3 times and even though she said she didn’t want a pee, we still made her go and she did it each time.
  • Also we made it past the spot where we had to turn around last time when Thing 1 threw up all over herself. Proof below:


  • Food on the journey was absolute crap.  Thing 1 rarely gets to eat McDonalds or anything like that, when she does, she ends up pebble dashing anything in a 2 foot radius.
  • Seeing Thing 1 cry as she realized the dog was staying in the Kennels.  Once we explained it is Daycare for Dogs she was very happy for her.
  • Me getting completely ridiculous and having palpitations after Thing 2 wouldn’t settle in the car.  I then decided to give her a bottle and in the process of moving from the front seat to the back seat, darling husband went round a sharp corner and I got a rather momentous boo boo on my arm.  This of course made me give hubby some polite feed back using mainly 1 syllable, 4 letter words.

Hotel Stay:


  • Stayed at Best Western, Baltimore MD
  • Got there nice and early. 3pm.  Got checked in and had time to go to pool before dinner. Both kids and us parents got to go into pool. We all had a blast
  • Dinner was great.  Chef came out to talk to hubby to arrange something lactose free.  Very cheap too!
  • Hotel room was roomy and had double sofa bed for Thing 1
  • This should read “Absolutely Hysterical”.  With both kids asleep in the main room, we had no choice but to have our nice evening in…………….the toilet.  We had the ipad and watched Stuart Little while drinking beer sat on the bog.
  • Nothing to report.  It was great!!!


  1. Thing 1 being so excited after her day that she couldn’t sleep.  She started whispering Mary Poppins song “Stay Awake, don’t close your eyes”
  2. Hearing Thing 1 scream with excitement when she saw the Disney Castle
  3. Snow falling in the Atrium of the ship on the last night
  4. Me having snot coming out of my nose Blair Witch style (bubbles and everything) as we were boarding the ship as I had a massive anxiety attack
  5. Watching Thing 1 from afar have dinner with all her Camp Carnival friends and being so proud
  6. Seeing Thing 2 squeal with excitement on “It’s a Small World”
  7. All 4 of us snuggling up on the King Size bed in the cabin.
  8. Laughing so hard with my sister in law dancing 80′s style that I actually weed a little bit
  9. Laughing at the same person putting money in the dryer onboard and then realising she put her clothes in the machine next door
  10. Getting the family silhouette:

My whole world :)

That will complete this post.  The actual Cruise will be an the next post as my head hurts and I am going boss eyed!

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