Cruising Carnival Part 2……..

OK so I pulled my finger out of my bum and decided to post the second half of the story.  I want to re-iterate that I had a lovely time with my family and was ever so greatful to have it gifted to us.  This is purely a mum with 2 kids view of how Carnival caters for family (or in their case, doesn’t cater)
Experience with Carnival:
  • The gods shone on us as we turned up early to check in.  The kids were ready for nap, starting to play up.  When we were told to sit amongst 300 people in “Zone 9″ for boarding, the lady saw the vein in my head almost jump out throbbing and strangle her.  She took pity on us and seated us in priority boarding with the Wheelchair passengers. (we made a donation to St Judes Charity in her name as a thank you)
  • We successfully boarded first and the ship was beautiful
  • 24 hour food on tap (even if it was pizza and ice cream)
  • We didn’t sink
  • Got some amazing photos taken
  • Water slide was fun
  • We were given a cell phone on the ship to call the Kids Club to check up on Thing 1
  • There was a TV screen outside the kids club where we could see what Thing 1 is up to (yes we did check it several times, once she was doing air guitar.  very proud)
  • Trip to Disney was really well organized and the kids loved every minute of it.
  • Endless boxes of cereal were laid out on a morning so that provided me with snacks for the kids for the whole cruise.  I ended up being like a cleptomaniac, just filling my purse up with Cheerios.  I came back home with 8 boxes still in my bag.  What a weirdo!
  • Thing 1 falling out of bed in her sleep and not even waking up
  • Getting the whole ship to sing happy birthday to my father in law on his birthday
  • Just as we boarded, Thing 1 pissed all down my shirt (this is after I had just taken her to the toilet)
  • We had our hands full carrying our babies and also a portable crib and clothes and the kitchen sink etc. Hubby had the sail and sign card in his mouth.  One happy knob jockey yelled at him to take it out of his mouth as someone has to touch it.  Fare enough but you don’t have to be a bitch about it scrooge.  When we got to the front no one even asked for the card.  TYPICAL!
  • Our room had not had the floor swept
  • Kids pool not working! Ugh!!!!!!
  • Have to travel up 9 floors to get water for kids bottles (reason being the bottles of water in the room were $5)
  • Thing 1 threw up on day 1 in the kids club due to rough seas Luckily she recovered quickly
  • Having to bathe Thing 2 in the tiny sink in the tiny bathroom.  When on a boat and the water level is constantly moving it did lead to soggy feet.  thing 2 loved it though


  • How can you charge my 2 year old kid $70 bucks in gratuities?
  • How can you charge me for bottled water when I am using it to make up bottles for my kid?
  • Even worse, why do you throw away the $5 bottle of water I just bought when it still has half of the water in it and make me buy another one???
  • When I complained to customer services about this they palmed it back on the room attendant and had him explain.  Poor bugger.  That made me feel SO bad, cheers Carnival, thanks for making the poor guy explain your crappy policies.
  • The fake baked beans!!!! I was SO excited at breakfast to see a big vat of beans in a familiar looking sauce.  Being away from England so long I crave them.  They are available in our shops but they are proper dear!  I walked up and piled the spoon high and when I placed them on my plate I threw the plate down in disgust.  It was like someone had got a can of baked beans, emptied out half the juice and replaced it with water. RANCID!


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